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Deadline approaching: AOM 2024 PDW Temporality and Technology

  • 1.  Deadline approaching: AOM 2024 PDW Temporality and Technology

    Posted 06-17-2024 18:56

    Call for applications: AOM PDW 2024

    Temporality and Technology:
    Temporal Dynamics of Technology Emergence and Development

    Application deadline: June 21, 2024

    Date and Room: Saturday, Aug 10 2024 4:45PM - 6:45PM CT (GMT-5/UTC-5) 
    at Fairmont in Ambassador Room


    Mia Chang-Zunino, ESCP Business School

    Nina Granqvist, Aalto University


    Shaz Ansari, Cambridge University

    Raghu Garud, Penn State University

    Stine Grodal, Northeastern University

    Violina Rindova, UC Irvine

    Discussant: Henri Schildt, Aalto University

    We're thrilled to announce the call for applications for our upcoming PDW on Temporality and Technology: Temporal Dynamics of Technology Emergence and Development at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Chicago.

    This PDW brings together prominent scholars and ongoing empirical research projects in the emerging literature on the role of temporality in technology emergence and development. Traditionally, the literature on technology emergence and development has treated time as a continuous and unidimensional construct. Lately, scholars have begun to challenge these assumptions and explore the multiple ways in which temporality-defined as socially and culturally construed understandings of time-shape technologies.

    For example, field participants' perceptions of the future and ensuing hype (Grodal & Granqvist, 2014; Logue & Grimes, 2022; Rindova & Martins, 2022), their views on the past and historicity (Garud, Gehman, & Giuliani, 2014; Nelson, Anthony, & Tripsas, 2023), and communities' asynchronous temporal orientations (Reinecke & Ansari, 2015) can all shape the trajectory of technology emergence in various ways. The overarching goal of this PDW is to assess the current state of empirical research and promote further inquiry in this emerging area.

    The first part of the PDW will feature keynote presentations by our panelists followed by an audience Q&A session. Part 1 is open to all conference attendees.

    The second part of the PDW will consist of small interactive roundtables, with the panelists and organizers serving as roundtable chairs. In each table, participants will have the opportunity to pitch their research designs and receive feedback. If you are interested in receiving feedback on a project that you are currently working on, please submit a one-page, single-spaced abstract or overview (excluding references) of yourresearch project via this form: https://forms.gle/tpEJ7sDCMtEYBZjH8 by June 21, 2024. Attendance for the second part is limited to selectedpresenters and panelists

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in August!

    Mia Chang-Zunino
    Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
    ESCP Business School