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EURAM Symposium - Introduction to Computational Text Analysis

  • 1.  EURAM Symposium - Introduction to Computational Text Analysis

    Posted 29 days ago
    Are you attending EURAM in Bath and interested in Computational Text Analysis? Join our symposium aimed at a wider community that uses text analysis methods for research.

    Wednesday 26 June 4pm @ Chancellor's Building - CB4.8

    Ivan Zupic (Goldsmiths, University of London)
    Filippo Chiarello (University of Pisa)
    Andrea Caputo (University of Trento and University of Lincoln)

    With the proliferation of ChatGPT both researchers and the wider community are becoming aware of the latest advances in computational methods for text analysis. The main aim of this symposium is to introduce the variety of text analysis methods to the research community. We want to develop a community of researchers that would be able to apply these methods to contemporary research problems, forge new research partnerships and publish in academic journals. This symposium will provide an overview of different computational text analysis methods, examine the challenges in collecting data & applying the methods and discuss the publishing of computational text analysis and using Large Language Models (LLMs) for research.

    Best regards,
    Ivan Zupic