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Replication Research in Management and Entrepreneurship

  • 1.  Replication Research in Management and Entrepreneurship

    Posted 29 days ago
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    Are you interested in replication research in management? 

    Are you concerned about non-replicable findings in management? 

    Are you concerned that many papers published in our journals can not be replicated by others? 

    If yes, please consider joining us for the Plenary session titled 'That's Replicable: Building Cumulative Knowledge in the Face of Fads, Obsessions, and Malpractices in Management and Entrepreneurship Research' on Monday (August 12), 1.15PM-2.45PM Hyatt Regency Chicago: Water Tower. 

    Panelists: Per Davidsson, Constance Helfat, Jeff McMullen, and Herman Aguinis

    Moderated by: Vishal K Gupta

    The plenary is organized by the ENT Division. 

    There is growing concern about the veracity and robustness of knowledge claims made by organizational researchers. The failure to confirm the findings of landmark studies, along with a drastic increase in retractions rates at many reputable journals and high-profile cases of research fraud, have raised questions about the trustworthiness of both findings and established research practices. The purpose of this plenary is to discuss the role of replication – independent confirmation of published findings – in advancing knowledge in the face of fads, obsessions, and malpractices among academics.

    A panel of distinguished senior scholars will share their views on why (or why not) replication can help build cumulative knowledge in management and entrepreneurship research. We will have plenty of time for audience members to ask questions and engage with the panel. 

    More details in the attached flier. We hope you will consider joining us on August 12 at AoM Conference for this very important discussion. 

    Vishal Gupta
    University of Alabama
    Tuscaloosa AL
    (205) 348-8427


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