How Pandemic Affects Non-Profits - Managing Organizational Crisis in Isolation - Wisdom Studio Episode 5

By Hakan Ozcelik posted 05-02-2020 22:28


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How do non-profits manage organizational crisis in this social isolation period and how can our communities help them survive? CBA Organizational Wisdom Studio's addresses this question in its fifth video-cast episode, hosting Mr. Buck Busfield, the Co-founder and Producing Director of B-Street Theater in California; and Dr. Ryan Fuller from the College of Business Administration at the CSUS, who has recently conducted a survey study among non-profit organizations in the Greater Sacramento region to explore their responses to pandemic.

This episode provides insights about how non-profits deal with societal sudden organizational isolation; importance of relational resources for crisis management; how non-profits can interrelate to manage crisis in isolation; and power of emotional connections between non-profits and people.

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Sixth episode will be sent out next week, focusing on how business firms manage organizational crisis in social isolation.


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