5 Ways to Get People to Remember Your Brand

By Terrance Palmer posted 12-04-2019 18:59


Your marketing efforts are designed to make people remember your brand, especially when they want to make a purchase. Good marketing involves more than just placing ads or creating campaigns. To make a truly memorable impression, you need good branding and great customer relationships. 

  1. Clarify your business focus

The simplest of ideas are the easiest to communicate. Some entrepreneurs advise that if you can’t explain your business to a 10-year-old, your vision is not clear enough. 

To find what makes your business unique, you need to take a look at your competitors. Note their strengths and weakness and see whether your business has something unique to offer. 

What is it that makes your business stand out and causes prospects to choose yours over theirs? How can you learn from their strengths and improve on their weaknesses?

  1. Put your brand essence into memorable words

When you know what you want people to remember about your business, you can create a slogan that captures the essence of your brand. This should be short enough to remember easily, show how your brand benefits consumers and preferably creates some kind of emotional response. YouTube’s slogan “Broadcast yourself” and MacDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” are good examples. 

Another way to use a memorable word is in a vanity toll free number. Companies such as Kall8.com make it easy and affordable to acquire one. The numbers translate into an acronym, name or word that people can spell out on a numeric touchpad. 

An example of this is 1-800-HOTDOGS or 1-877-GOT-MILK. These alphanumeric numbers are far easier for people to recall and are likely to increase your calls and conversion rates. 

  1. Create a strong, visual identity

The best business names are easy to pronounce, remember and spell. Try to keep them short and catchy. A name should lend itself to visual interpretation in a logo and suggest the use of certain colors and fonts. 

All the elements of your brand identity, such as colors, fonts and tone of voice need to be chosen carefully to reinforce the overall image you want consumers to remember. 

From your logo through to your packaging design, these elements need to remain consistent. Put your name and logo in as many places as possible to reinforce the impression in the minds of consumers.

  1. Increase your brand’s visibility

Social media provides a great way to increase your visibility as a brand, especially if you can engage clients and prospective clients with quality content that meets their needs. 

For example, you can tell stories on Instagram that arouse their emotions and make them feel more connected to your brand. If you have a highly visual business, like a food or décor business, you can post enticing images that reflect your brand on Pinterest

The more people that see your content and respond to it, the more your brand will stick in their minds. 

  1. Make sure you deliver what you promise

You want your customers to become brand advocates for you and this will only happen if you deliver what you promise and more. They need to know that they can reach you at any time with their problems and receive effective advice. Give them helpful hints and useful advice and they will remember your business when they want to buy. 

Customers want to know that you value their feedback and are prepared to act on it. When they feel they have a hand in shaping your business, they feel more connected to it and are likely to remain loyal. 

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