Keep Fans Rooting for Your Team

By Terrance Palmer posted 09-15-2020 20:40


COVID-19 changed the face of live sports within a matter of weeks and months. What had been a staple source of entertainment for decades evaporated suddenly, leaving fans feeling disengaged. Sports teams have lost billions of dollars in advertising revenues because of canceled events and seasons. 

Another challenge faced is keeping fans interested and loyal despite the ‘new normal’ way of life the coronavirus has imposed. Here are some ideas for teams to keep their fanbase dedicated and involved, albeit in a new way:

Go back in time

While many fans complain about reruns of games not fulfilling their needs, random repeats will not give them what they need. Instead, it is time to delve back into a team’s history and find iconic matches, competitions, and moments to share with fans. These remind people why they love your team and also serve as a source of inspiration.

Many people are feeling low, and showing them occasions where a sports team came back against seemingly impossible odds to win a match, will revive their spirits, reminding them that the world’s current situation can be overcome. 

Allow current players to offer analysis and their impressions of these games to show a link between the team’s past and present. Bear in mind that there are complex licensing agreements to navigate before rebroadcasting games in some sports. Make sure you are on the right side of their terms and conditions.

Create compilations

Sports influencers use social media to put their weight behind a team, which is a valuable tool. Many believe in putting together compilations of the team’s ‘greatest hits’ and sharing them on various platforms. Using Greenfly’s offering, teams and influencers can collaborate and release content that will improve fans’ social media engagement and sense of belonging.

Make the most of various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, to reach the widest audience possible. With awesome content, you can win over new fans who might never have heard of your team before. Compilations show how the team has succeeded under challenging conditions, such as those it is currently experiencing.


With more people turning to streaming services like Netflix, capitalize on this trend by using already curated content and turning it into a long-form documentary about the team’s history. 

Once you start thinking about it, there might even be an entire series to be created instead of only one film. Alternatively, find out about documentaries being made about sport and see if your team can feature in an episode.

Teams will need to engage documentary makers to put their offerings together. However, the content can be a collaborative process. Allow the executive, past and present team members, and fans to have input about what will go into your film. 

When fans feel they are given a say, it keeps them engaged. Announce your intention to create a documentary on social media and encourage fan input. Offer them a chance to be part of the film by being interviewed for it alongside their heroes, past and present.

Day-to-day operations

Videos giving fans insight into the team’s daily routines are both informative and inspiring. They make fans want to emulate their heroes, and this can lead to healthier lifestyle choices. During these times, this can help them stay safe.

Teams can use players to share TikTok challenges, where they show off their skills and encourage fans to share videos of themselves doing the same. TikTok is utilized extensively by Generation Z, which is a group vital for sustaining and growing a team’s fanbase.