What Causes Dropped Cell Phone Calls?

By Terrance Palmer posted 10-26-2020 01:09


Everyone's experienced a dropped call at some point. For the most part, you probably just get upset, but have you wondered why it happens? The following may help you figure out why your calls keep dropping so that you can find solutions.


Okay, if you are the kind of person who makes calls during the rain because it's romantic, you might have a problem. The high frequency wavelengths your cellphone needs to get and maintain a signal is interrupted by water.

This gets worse the stronger the rain is because these signals can't travel through water well. Consider how you won't be able to hear a scream if it comes from under the water. Make your calls when it's not raining, and you might solve this problem. Snow and hail could also give you problems, but the water content in snow or hail isn't so bad.

Weak Signal

Another reason your calls might be dropping is because you have a weak signal. There are many reasons why a signal could be weak, like if you're too far from a cell phone tower. This can happen in rural areas.

The other reason you could have a weak signal deals with obstructions like too much concrete. If you're in the basement, you might experience dropped calls, but you could just use a cell phone signal booster to solve this issue since it amplifies signals if they're weak.

Overloaded Tower

The problem could be an overloaded tower. In big cities, there are a lot of towers, so the chances of a tower being overwhelmed is slim because there are many cell phone towers offering service to the people there, but it can happen.

If there's a large event happening in your neighborhood, this means there's going to be more people than usual together. A tower could get jammed, causing more dropped calls. Cell phone towers in suburban communities or small towns are even more sensitive to this issue, which is the reason many of these areas are fighting with big cell phone companies about having more towers near them.

Misunderstanding Signal

The problem could simply be that you're misunderstanding the signal you're getting. Some folks rely on nothing more than the bars they see on the corner of their cell phone screen. You've probably seen countless movies or shows where a character asks someone how many bars they have on their phone. The reality is there's no standardization regarding those bars. This means cellphone companies can make those bars mean whatever they want.

What you want to do is find your dBm value, which tells you how strong your signal is. You'll usually find this number under your phone's network settings. The numbers are negative(-) in value. The closer you are to zero, the better your strength. For most people, the value is somewhere between -30 to -120, but anything above -100 is already problematic. Talk to cell phone companies until you find one with a good dBm value.

These are just some reasons you're experiencing dropped calls. You can now solve this problem and make calls feeling more confident, and that's a great thing.