Major Health Setbacks You Face After a Road Accident

By Terrance Palmer posted 01-30-2021 17:51


People are inclined to think that after a serious road accident, you’ll likely sit with neck- and back injuries. You may well, but what most people don’t realize is that you can land up with long-lasting mental health issues too. Emotional stress may fade with time, but other psychological effects can be so severe, you can no longer cope with life.

Many expenses you want compensation for

Maybe you’ve lost part of a leg in a road accident, you’ve got increasing tension, trembling hands, panic attacks and possibly even brain injuries. If you’ve suffered from any kind of personal injuries from being a victim of a road accident, you can get some form of relief by handing over your case to the Felicetti Law Firm. They have more than 25 years of personal injury experience.

Let these lawyers help you with recovering compensation for your injuries. They will go to court for you if needs be to recover compensation for your road accident in Miami. Whether you or your loved one were injured in a road accident, they are there for you, even with the most complicated accidents. 

The lawyers know that you’re going to be facing many ongoing expenses after an accident and they invite you to a free consultation to discuss your case in detail with these abogados de accidente who will help you to steer clear of any financial crisis you may face because of the accident.

Post-traumatic stress and depression

Yes, you may have survived your car accident, but sometimes you wonder if you can even be thankful. Your life after the accident can only be described as hellish. You’re a psychological and emotional wreck with mood swings, dizziness, paralysis, sleep disturbances, and depression.

Your feelings of depression may be so strong that they actually keep you from living a normal life. Returning to work again is out of the question. Your post-traumatic stress has left you anxious, angry and constantly irritable.

You have no wish to even attempt to get back to daily activities and routines and drugs and alcohol have become your constant companions. 


You may have reason to feel depressed if you were once a bright, creative architect who liked nothing more than to don your hard-hat and to go to construction sites to see how your building designs are progressing. 

Now, with an injury to the spinal cord, you’ve got paralysis – hemiplegia – where both arm and leg on one side of the body are paralyzed.

Your injuries come with the loss of movement and loss of sensation. There are some spinal cord injuries that can be treated, but once a nerve is damaged, there is no way to replace it. You may require mobility devices but can you afford them? For someone, it can mean the end of a lucrative career. You need a lawyer to suit your issues out. 

Burn injuries

Burn injuries with a road accident can be minor to very severe. Many times burns from a road accident can be life-threatening and life-changing. If hot fuel or water comes into contact with your skin, or if there is a fire, you can be very badly burned.

You may survive your 3rd or 4th-degree burn injuries but it could leave you with unsightly scars and disfigurement. Treatment of severe burns like this can mean months of pain medication and even surgery.

You may even need skin grafts to cover large burn injuries and who knows what all will be required as part of your rehabilitation. You could be left with breathing problems and even amputation together with a lot of emotional problems. You have to see a lawyer as soon as you can after the accident so that you can be compensated for all your pain and suffering.