How the Startup Culture Has Created a Demand for Business Graduates

By Terrance Palmer posted 03-21-2021 23:45


The word startup brings in a lot of excitement – new concepts, innovations and world-changing technologies. A brand-new business venture starting from the ground up is the in thing. Startups are an opportunity for people who want to build or create something new. 

The entrepreneurial minds want to release to the world a new idea or service that hopefully can change the world and at the same time, put them on the billionaires’ list. This new business environment has changed many things, especially the need for business graduates in startups. 

The need for fresh graduates

Startups are always on the lookout for fresh graduates. These businesses want fresh talent that knows their way around the business world. If you are a business graduate, do not be surprised if a couple of startups contact you to join them. It is not even surprising to see business graduates start their startups once they receive their diplomas. 

For a startup to thrive, it cannot always rely on people who have spent years in the business world. Startups want fresh talent, which is why they want business graduates to work for them.

It certainly means a big opportunity for students who wish to enroll in a business school. And for those who cannot afford regular classes, there is which offers a very convenient way to earn college credits that are transferrable to a network of 100+ well-known colleges and universities. 

In-need of fresh and innovative ideas

Most startups are not in the business to do what has been done before. They want to bring something new to the table. They want to innovate or bring a new perspective to an already established idea and even big companies look forward to them in this regard. This is why business graduates are in demand for startups. 

Startups want new, fresh and innovative ideas, and the best way to get it is to hire young and fresh talent. They want people with new ideas that may not see things the same way as other people do. Business graduates have a lot of untapped potential and startups want to use that talent.

Small and usually un-established

As the word suggests, most startups are not big enterprises with offices worldwide, but small and with only a handful of employees. Thus, it is not always easy for startups to hire people with a lot of experience, so business graduates are seen as a great option. 

Fresh graduates are relatively easy to get as new employees for startups because they are fresh on the job market and will not ask for a big salary. If a startup is just beginning without that much backing or name recognition, business graduates serve as a great talent pool for startups to hire. 

Collaborative space with no egos

Startup and corporate culture operate in two different realms. While corporate culture focuses more on the market and the financial success of the company, startup culture leans more towards the individual and what can be brought to the table when people work together. Startups prefer to operate in an open environment where people work together and the emphasis on the hierarchy is not much. 

Business graduates are new to the scene. They are fresh minds that do not have a big ego. This is why startups look to business graduates for new hires because they know their mindset at this stage in their lives fits better with startup culture than the corporate world. 

Ready for change

Most college graduates who enter the “real world” feel that they want to and can change the world. They want to do new things and make a mark for themselves. Yet, they may realize that when working in a big company, it is not always possible. 

Startups are all about change. They are not there to be cookie-cutters and they know that business graduates feel the need to make something new. Startups look for ambitious business graduates who want to do things differently.