DIY Home Renovation Ideas for a Trendy Work from Home Office

By Terrance Palmer posted 23 days ago


Optimizing your home office for ergonomics can have such a positive effect on your daily life. There are many creative DIY home renovation ideas to ensure your home office is trendy, healthy, safe, comfortable, and functional so you can work there until you are 80 or 90! 

Large selection of great DIY ideas

Your home office should inspire you – not anyone else. It needs to reflect your personality so that you love being there. If you want super DIY ideas, why not visit for some cool ideas and tips to create your own individual ideas, even for tiny spaces. 

With Covid-19, many people had to unexpectedly start working from home. With purposeful, interesting, and pleasurable DIY ideas, there is no end to what you can do with the space you have. 

Always make sure you have trendy shelves close to your desk for all your books, files, and plants. You can choose colorful boxes, pots and other holders for all kinds of items so that your home-office nook has an arty vibe. 

Convert a closet

If you just don’t have room for a home office, figuring out where to get set up with a desk can be a challenge. Did you know that even an unused closet can be converted into an office nook? 

Of course, everything will be narrow and dark so you will need funky lighting brought in. With clever ideas and research, you can create a compact, nifty little office inside a closet complete with drawer space. 

With such limited space, LED light strips can easily be installed beneath shelves to dispel all gloominess out of your cupboard workspace. If your DIY skills don’t extend to electrical work, call an electrician to add an outlet and additional light fixtures. 

Temperature miseries

You know what it’s like – too cold or too hot and you can’t work. Working from home has so many benefits and one is that you can work at a temperature that suits you. 

If being cold immobilizes you, why not look at clever, trendy portable heat posters? They make use of infrared technology to warm up your chilly home office to keep you snug while you work.

If you have a tiny office and you keep bumping into it, it’s not hot to the touch and it won’t dry out the air in the room either. Hang it anywhere as no permanent installation is required. 

Create a fascinating wire grid reminder

If you’ve got a hundred and one things you have to remember to get done, a DIY memo board is exactly what you need. Anybody can make it. The wire grid can be bought from your hardware store. 

Just hang the grid on your office wall using removable cable organizer hooks that can also be bought at the hardware store. You can use all kinds of interesting-looking hooks and magnets to organize all your files, envelopes and notes and even photos. 

These trendy boards are perfect for keeping track of all your activities. With so few things to buy, you can get away with this DIY home office project for less than $20.

Good lighting 

Who says you have to stick with your old-fashioned white glass bowl-type light fittings? It’s always best to use natural light if possible, as this in itself is a mood enhancer, but you might not have this luxury.

Then you need good artificial lighting that lifts your mood just seeing it. You want to illuminate your workspace without creating shadows and glares. Opting for trendy hanging pendant lights is perfect for when you have limited floor- or desk space for traditional lamps. 

Good, attractive lighting is important, not only for the health of your eyes, but it’s important for conducting meetings via Zoom or video calls in a professional, well-lit space.