Impressing Your Prospective Clients with a Well-Crafted PPT

By Terrance Palmer posted 05-02-2021 15:35


Crafting and putting together an engaging and interesting presentation is crucial to pitch to new or prospective clients. These pitches are the takeaway and are what remains after a meeting or discussion. A well-designed, research-backed and informative presentation is ideal to leave a lasting impression on the employer or client. 

With so many similar pitches coming their way from other brands and businesses, it is important that yours stands out and it could be in terms of a good design, texts, or a well-thought template. 

Integrate or embed the latest features 

According to marketers at, presentation templates have changed drastically over the years and with more design options, techniques, and features, there is so much more you could do. Whether it is importing a complete playlist onto the slides or integrating maps to depict a geographical location using Google map customizer on the presentation, leave a lasting impression on your prospective client using smarter ways to represent data. 

Many business pitches include identification of target consumers, their geographical location and dynamics. Presenting this complicated date in a visual map format will attract eyeballs to your presentation, facilitating easy understanding and retention. Show My Map provides various tools and features for personal map customization to record and display relevant data. 

Be clear and crisp in communication

This is the age-old rule to making impressive presentations, i.e., keeping content and text to a minimum. Any presentation that is text-heavy causes poor retention due to an overdose of information. Instead, make use of graphs, pie charts, animations, and design features to make the slides visually appealing. 

Plan each of your slide’s content beforehand. Make adjustments and edit them as you put it in the slides. Make sure that the font size is easy to read and is not too big or too small. Choose from the many available fonts. A simple tip is to stick to corporate fonts for such pitches and select the theme accordingly, too.

Add powerful imagery 

Images speak more than words on presentations and can take the quality of your slides to a much higher level. Think, plan your images with proper research and look for copyrights before you download images you may wish to use. There are many photos on the internet that could be relevant or connected to your slides. 

There are many creative ways to depict your thoughts through a slide format, and there is really no one right or wrong way to do this. Spend time on the slides and figure out templates, images, and designs that talk about your business, resonate with what services you offer. 

Create a distinctive brand identity 

You can custom make your own slide template. To help you understand better, let's use an example. You run an organic skincare brand and your brand logo has color elements on tones of green, beige, and white. Create a similar color-themed template with your logo, and use them for all your presentations. 

This creates a distinctive identity and each time a prospective client looks at the slides, there is a higher retention rate. This is a simple yet effective step to incorporate into your new business decks. 

Add videos, audio and fun features 

A good presentation keeps one engaged and interacting and an effective way is to add video and audio references or showcases. This not only keeps the client attentive and engaged, but it also adds a lot more relevance to your points. 

You can also seek professional help if you want to go the extra mile to impress your prospective business client. Hire a good videographer and shoot a video that helps you send a message across, or even maybe pitch for your brand. Get creative and start thinking to make a mark.