How is Personal Branding Instrumental in Getting You New Business?

By Terrance Palmer posted 05-28-2021 14:45


Building a personal brand means marketing yourself instead of a business. It doesn’t happen overnight and it can take months of hard work before you start seeing the results. 

However, it is extremely important as it can differentiate you from the competition. It means telling the world what you want to be known for and what you stand for. You can influence people’s perception of you and establish your credibility. 

It gives you a competitive edge

More and more small businesses and startups are coming onto the market and building your personal brand can give you a competitive edge. If you Google your competition, you will usually find plenty of generic content and if you have something awesome to bring to the table in a sea of blandness, you need to communicate it. 

For example, if you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge about a particular subject, you need to do this. Conveying this requires consistency, knowing your target audience and using the right channels. 

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You can reach a wider audience

Many people, especially those of the millennial generation, do not trust larger businesses that use traditional advertising. They are more likely to buy from someone who talks and acts like them. 

You need to reach people where they are and this means embracing technology and a society that is used to instant gratification. People love that they can shop online, order food without leaving their homes, and have access to news events as soon as they happen. Unless you transition to digital marketing, you will not have enough visibility online. 

You need to make it as easy as possible for people to research you, follow you and contact you online. Location is becoming irrelevant in many cases and a strong online presence allows you to reach people from all over the world. 

It can establish trust

People are constantly bombarded by marketing and so they have become very good at tuning it out. If you build a personal brand, it will help you get people to listen to you and interact with your content. Being authentic and genuine allows you to engage with your audience in a way that builds their trust. 

Social media provides a critical tool to help you do this. Create social media profiles on relevant sites with interesting personal bios and find other ways to let them get to know you. They want to see what you look like and find out more about you. 

It can be tough to attract the right followers on social media but when you create the right message for the right audience, it can greatly improve your chance of establishing connections and starting conversations that will help you to build relationships. People are more likely to trust you and purchase from you if they feel they know you. 

It leads to more opportunities

If you have a strong personal brand, you will have more opportunities when it comes to speaking engagements, job interviews, partnerships, promotions and more. This can help you to achieve many of your goals, both personally and professionally. 

It is always better to control what is going to pop up in search engines when someone Google’s your name rather than leaving it to chance. Whether you’re a speaker, marketer or entrepreneur, building your personal brand can really upscale your business. Trust and credibility are key elements when it comes to thriving in a competitive environment.