Options to Make Money if The Stock Market is Nosediving

By Terrance Palmer posted 07-07-2021 00:14


When the stock market is nosediving, you may wonder whether to get out of the market and, if you aren’t already in it, what else you can do to make money. There are various ways to invest and make money that does not involve the stock market. 

Diversifying your portfolio with other investments that aren’t correlated to how the stock market performs is probably a wise move. Here are a variety of ways to make money that don’t involve the stock market. 

Sports betting

There is obviously some risk involved in sports betting but there are certain factors that can help a bettor to succeed. A good knowledge of sports helps sports bettors to have more of an understanding of what can impact their wagers. There are many numbers to analyze so it helps to have strong math skills. 

Excellent money management skill is essential to make money from sports betting When making a sports bet at Betus.com, betting too much of a bankroll on a single game could be detrimental. Successful bettors focus on making money over the long term. 

Real estate investment trusts

Investing in a real estate investment trust (REIT) is a good option for investors who want to invest in property but don’t have the cash to buy outright. REITs invest in a range of real estate, such as commercial buildings, housing, warehouses and hotels. 

When investors buy shares in the REIT, they collect income through dividends and/or capital appreciation. They also experience some tax advantages. This is a good way to invest in property without having to become a landlord. 


There are various ways to invest in gold, including gold coins, gold bullion, gold mining companies and gold futures contracts. Gold is often considered to be a safe investment in times of turmoil because it is less volatile than stocks. 

People use it to diversify their portfolios. Beginner investors often invest in physical gold because of its low barriers of entry but it is important not to forget about storage and insurance costs. There are those who believe investing in gold is foolproof, whereas others do not favor investing in it at all. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. 


Wine is a consumable that actually appreciates in value as it ages. Investing in the right vintages that are most sought after requires a strong understanding of wine. Investors also have to store wine in a temperature-controlled room and have enough space to store a significant quantity to make good profits. 

Wine connoisseurs will require certain information when buying wine, such as the type, when and how it was purchased etc. Buying wine may be well worth the investment and allow investors to earn about 15% a year as long as they can identify and store the correct wine. 

Corporate bonds

When companies need to borrow money, they may issue bonds that anyone can purchase. A bond pays interest over time and then pays the bond’s face value when it matures. The interest rates can vary as the higher the risk of a borrower defaulting, the higher the interest rates will be. 

Unlike owning stock, owning a bond doesn’t give someone ownership in the company so even if the company does very well, the bond holder doesn’t make extra money. 

However, if the company has a bad year, there is no change in the interest owed, so the returns are more predictable than when owning stocks. Corporate bonds are usually very safe but there are no guarantees and if a company goes bankrupt, it means losing money.