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2022 Academy of Management Conference - TIM Division Call for Papers

  • 1.  2022 Academy of Management Conference - TIM Division Call for Papers

    Posted 12-01-2021 23:26

    The Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Division invites paper and symposium submissions for the 82ndAnnual Meeting of the Academy of Management, which will be held from Friday, August 5th to Tuesday, August 9th, 2022.


    Our Domain: The TIM Division welcomes submissions related to the management of innovation and technological change. Members of the TIM community represent a wide range of disciplines and draw from an array of theoretical and empirical research paradigms. We encourage dialogue and debate, with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of issues related to technological, organizational, and industrial change and their effects. More information about the division is available on the TIM website.


    The Conference Theme: The theme of this year's meeting is "Creating a Better World Together" and encourages us to consider "What, where, how, when, and why will business organizations, managers, and stakeholders seek to adapt to what exists or create a world in which we will all be better off together?" There are many angles from which members of the TIM community can contribute to this theme as technology and innovation are important contributors to societal and economic change. We welcome submissions that reflect this theme, as well as submissions that examine a wide-variety of emerging and established topics related to the TIM domain. In the past, our members have submitted papers pertaining to adaptation and change; artificial intelligence; behaviors, characteristics, and ways of managing scientific and technical professionals; ecosystems; experimentation; the geography of innovation; industry and market emergence; innovation adoption and diffusion; innovation strategy; innovation & technology policy; intellectual property; knowledge management; the micro-foundations of invention & innovation; new product development; open innovation; organizational emergence and change; platforms; technical project management; technology-based entrepreneurship; methods for addressing uncertainty; and university research/technology transfer.


    TIM Division Awards: Each year, the TIM Division presents a number of awards at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, including two best paper awards. The TIM Best Paper Award recognizes an empirical or conceptual paper in the refereed scholarly program that makes a significant contribution to the field of technology and innovation management. The TIM Best Student Paper Award recognizes a notable student paper in the refereed scholarly program. To be eligible for the best student paper award, a student must be the lead author or sole author of the paper, and this should be clearly indicated on the submission. Papers considered for the Best Student Paper Award can also be considered for the TIM Division Best Paper Award. A full list of TIM Division Awards is available here.


    Submissions: We look forward to your program submissions: these can be research papers or symposia proposals. Symposia offer wonderful opportunities to foster research collaborations and meaningful scholarly dialogue. We warmly welcome submissions from scholars who have participated in the past, as well as PhD students and faculty who are new to the division. Our community is excited to engage with new ideas and to welcome new members.


    Please submit your research papers and symposia proposals on or before Tuesday, January 11 at 5pm EST (New York time) through the AOM Submission Center. The AOM submission center will open on December 2, 2021. Please consult the Academy of Management website for useful information and submission requirements; please carefully follow the Academy of Management's submissions guidelines.


    Reviewers Needed!  If you submit a paper, we also ask you to sign up to review. The success of the TIM program relies on your participation in the review process. Please remember that you need to renew your reviewer registration every year––so, sign up today! Your review assignment will be based on the keywords that you listed describing your areas of expertise. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and contribute to the division. If you have not yet had a chance to review, 2022 is the year to start! PhD students are welcome.

    Sonali Shah
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champ.