AOM 2024 TIM Call for Paper and Symposium Submissions

The Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Division invites paper and symposium submissions for the 84th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, which will be held from Friday, 9 August 2024 until Tuesday, 13 August 2024 in Chicago, IL, USA. We look forward to your program submissions: these can be research papers or symposia proposals. Please submit your research papers and symposia proposals on or before Tuesday, 9  January 2024 at 17:00 ET (GMT-5/UTC-5) through the AOM Submission Center. Download Call for Papers.

AOM 2024 – Chicago

The AOM TIM Division is happy to welcome you at the Academy of Management 2024 in Chicago. This year's slogan "Innovating for the Future" invites members to examine the interplay of innovation, policy, and purpose as a lens for rethinking conventional ways of leading, managing, and organizing. The Submission Center and Reviewer Sign-Up for the Meeting in Chicago will be open in early December 2023. The AOM 2024 submission deadline is Tuesday, 9 January 2024More information on the Academy of Management 2024.

Academy of Management 2023

2023 TIM Division Plenary

Watch the 2023 TIM Division's Plenary on The Reasons Behind the Recent Decline in High-Impact Discoveries. The session was moderated by Myriam Mariani (Bocconi University). Our panelists included Daron Acemoglu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ashish Arora (Duke University), and Maryann Feldman (Arizona State University). See the recording. Link to the presentation slides.

2023 TIM Division Best Dissertation Award

View the award-winning presentations from the TIM Division's 2023 Best Dissertation Award ceremony: Jung Kwon (The University of Denver), Ying Li (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Manav Raj (University of Pennsylvania), Jungkyu Suh (New York University), Audra Wormald (University of North Carolina). See the recording.

We are grateful to our sponsors for making this happen.

Sponsors 2023


2023 TIM Distinguished Scholar

The TIM Division was proud to present the 2023 TIM Distinguished Scholar, Professor Alfonso Gambardella, Bocconi University. Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging speech! See the recording.

2023 TIM Emerging Scholar

This session highlighted the work of the 2023 TIM Emerging Scholar Award winner, Assistant Professor Colleen Cunningham, University of Utah. Congratulations to this achievement! See the recording.

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Announcements List

  • 1. AOM - OB Division - Submit your best work and sign up as a reviewer for the AOM Conference 2024

    Dear OB Division members:

    The OB Division Call for Submissions for the 2024 Academy of Management Conference is now posted: https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting/submitting/calls-for-submissions/call-for-submissions-ob-scholarly

    Please submit your work to the OB Division, and also sign up to become an OB Division Program Reviewer: https://review.aom.org/2024/default.aspx

    The OB Division has a goal of recruiting 1,500 reviewers by early January, 2024 -- please help us reach this important goal!

    Thank you,

    Gilad Chen, 2024 OB Division Program Chair
    Keith Leavitt, 2024 OB Division Symposium Chair


  • Call for nominations

    Please take a moment to nominate a deserving member of our division for one of the following career awards!
    Please complete this form to nominate someone for one of these prestigious awards. Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award are due by Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 11:59PM EST. Nominations for the other three awards are due by Tuesday, February 20, 2023 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Call for Professional Development Workshops

    (posted on behalf of @Christina Theodoraki, PDW Chair)

    Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are among the most rewarding, stimulating, and enjoyable sessions of the Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting. The Entrepreneurship Division invites creative and innovative proposals for interactive PDW sessions for the 2024 AOM Conference in Chicago (Illinois). We are looking for interesting, engaging, and creative PDW’s on Research (topics and methods), Teaching, and Practice to Scholarship and back. We encourage you to include in the abstract information about the PDW itself, as well as also explain why other Divisions would want to cross-list it. 
    Given its mission, “We Grow Entrepreneurial Scholars” the ENT Division favors proposals that give participants at all career stages the opportunity to learn new skills, share ideas, help other scholars, have new experiences, and build connections. PDWs are meant as complements, not substitutes, for the regular AOM program. They should NOT cover conventional themes and topics or be structured as traditional paper or panel sessions. Rather, PDWs should be innovative in content and structure, exploring issues and encouraging interactions not usually featured in the main program.  PDW sessions are typically structured as workshops, breakout sessions, tutorials, discussion panels, research incubators, or other interactive formats. PDWs should be thought provoking but also the place to safely present and explore new ideas, by linking different views and creating new research opportunities. Through the exchange of ideas and collaboration across different fields and disciplines, we can develop new avenues for research. We welcome submissions featuring innovative topics or themes, new forms of exchange, and experimental formats—for example, sessions that use technology in novel ways, create interactions among participants before or after the session, and engage participants in new ways.  
    Proposals should interest members of the Entrepreneurship Division, or fit its domain, which includes not  only  the  phenomena  of  self-employment,  small-business  management,  family  business,  new-venture formation, innovation, and firm growth but also more general ideas about the recognition, analysis,  and  exploitation  of  entrepreneurial  opportunities;  the  nature  of  novelty,  creativity,  and innovativeness; and how individuals and groups exercise judgment under uncertainty. Sessions with standard paper presentations are more appropriate for traditional symposia.  
    However, the most effective PDWs encourage interaction among individuals and groups which do not typically participate in the same sessions, workshops, and activities: not only within the Entrepreneurship Division (e.g., between junior and senior scholars, between academics and practitioners, among scholars from different countries, among academics following different career paths, and so on), but also across the divisional lines of the Academy. Hence you are encouraged to work with colleagues within and outside the Division and submit appropriate PDW proposals which have broad appeal to the Academy membership at-large. While not required, submitters are encouraged to consider the overall AOM 2024 conference theme, “Innovating for the Future” when developing their proposals. PDWs are also focused on fostering and connecting communities by creating bridges between distinct publics that may not have interacted before. Through PDWs, it is possible to create a space where previously disconnected communities can come together, share their knowledge and expertise, build new relationships and ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the field of entrepreneurship. 

    Proposals will be evaluated based on (a) expected substantive and networking benefit for participants, (b) plans for creating an interactive and engaging session, (c) breadth of interest of the session for individuals and groups within the Division and the broader Academy, (d) novelty of the topic or the forum for the exchanges, (e) the effective use of program time, and (f) fit with the conference theme. We encourage proposals that explicitly address these six criteria. Proposals that are a simple repeat – without new innovative content beyond what has already been covered – from previous years will not be considered favorably. Proposals will be evaluated on their ability to draw an audience from the specific discipline or across AOM, as well as its innovativeness and potential impact on the professional success of participants. 
    As PDWs are intended for professional development, proposals should explain how their session will foster interaction and personal development among participants as well as the audience they will aim to attract. In order to allow interaction, PDWs are typically at least two hours long, though sessions may be as short as 1.5 hours but must a minimum of 1-hour in duration. 
    Further, all submissions are limited to no more than 8 pages but must have at least 4 pages.  
    The title page must include the Academy submission system-assigned 5-digit submission number, title of the workshop (in Title Case), name of primary sponsor, and a list of other sponsors who might be interested in the workshop as well as an abstract (250 word maximum), one page explanation as why the workshop should be of interest to the ENT division, one page description of the PDW format, 1-3 page overview of the workshop. The page format requirements for all submissions are as follows: Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch (2.5cm) margin all around, and 8.5" x 11" page setting. The entire submission must be contained in ONE document and must be either .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Please note that if any of the above guidelines 
    and formatting requirements are not met, the submission will not be reviewed.  
    Before submitting a PDW proposal, consider the following questions:  
    •  Does the workshop offer a high quality and high level learning experience that has a significant positive impact on the professional development of the participants? 
    •  Does the workshop provide participants with a clear takeaway? (E.g. learn a new skill; develop a new research plan) 
    •  Does the workshop have a theme and a group of participants to draw a strong audience regardless of competing sessions or scheduling restrictions? 
    •  Does the workshop encourage multi-way conversation and interaction among participants from
    multiple divisions, disciplines, regions, career stages, or demographic backgrounds? 
    •  Is the workshop creative and innovative in all of its elements? 
    William L. Dougan of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has provided an additional resource in the form of A Guide for Creating and Managing a Good Professional Development Workshop
    Proposals should be submitted to the 2024 AoM Annual Meeting Submission Center, which is available at the www.aom.org website beginning in early December of 2023. Early submissions and expressions of interest are encouraged.  

    The deadline for submissions is January 9, 2024, at 5PM ET (NY Time). The PDW program runs from Friday through Sunday (August 9-11, 2024).  
    All named PDW participants must commit to participation in advance. All proposals require a statement indicating that all named participants have consented to participate in the PDW. The AOM’s “Rule of Three” for the PDW program is that “no one may submit or be associated with more than 3 PDW submissions; or appear in more than 3 PDW sessions during the preconference from Friday to Saturday, regardless of whether the sessions are held on-site or off-site.”  
    If you have questions or would like to discuss a potential workshop idea, please contact the Entrepreneurship Division’s PDW Chair, Christina Theodoraki at c.theodoraki@tbs-education.fr. To ensure sufficient time to develop your proposal, please forward your general inquiries before December 15, 2023.  
    See you in Chicago! 


  • 2024 Division Scholarly Program: Call for Submissions

    (posted on behalf of @Vishal Gupta, Program Chair)

    The Entrepreneurship Division now invites paper and symposium proposals for the 2024 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 9th-13th 2024, in Chicago (Illinois). Proposals should fit the domain of the Entrepreneurship Division, which includes not only the phenomena of self-employment, new-venture formation and financing, small-business management, family business, innovation, and firm growth, but also more general ideas about the recognition, analysis, and exploitation of perceived entrepreneurial opportunities. Additionally, the nature of novelty, creativity, and innovativeness among individuals and organizations, and how people and groups exercise judgment under uncertainty and in a variety of enterprising contexts, will be considered. 
    This year's conference theme is "Innovating for the Future". The future state of the organization is of perennial concern to management scholars and managers themselves. Political unrest, economic volatility, inequality, rapid technological change, environmental erosion, health crises, and pronounced societal issues across the globe continue to challenge traditional approaches to governing the organization. The 2024 theme calls for our community to the importance of innovation and policy-making (at macro, meta, and micro levels) in shaping organizations in pursuit of sustainable growth. As members of the Entrepreneurship Division, we are in a privileged position to produce both rigorous and practically relevant research that might allow entrepreneurs, managers, policy makers and other stakeholders to more effectively and collaboratively meet the challenges presented. Thus, we invite members of the Entrepreneurship Division to offer further insight and join in the discussions around this critical theme, though proposals on any topic related to entrepreneurship are welcome.
    Paper and symposium proposals are due Tuesday, 9 January 2024 at 17:00 ET (GMT-5/UTC-5). The 2024 AOM Annual Meeting Submission Center will be available in the beginning of December 2023. Early submissions are encouraged.
    Thank you
    We continue to thank all of our members and colleagues who have submitted, reviewed and volunteered in this and previous years. You have helped make the ENT division collegiate, inclusive, and welcoming and a special place to be for all.
    Reviewers needed
    We strongly encourage all who are submitting to the Entrepreneurship Division to support us by volunteering to review for the Entrepreneurship Division. The Division needs at least 1,500 reviewers. Your help in supporting our community with this task and helping its growth and development is greatly appreciated. The reviewer sign-up system opens early December 2023.
    Division Awards
    The Entrepreneurship Division recognizes several best paper awards and best dissertation awards as part the meeting program.
    Submission Process
    All submissions must be made through the AOM submission website. Please review all submission guidelines and formatting instructions carefully before submitting. If any guidelines or formatting instructions are not met, the submission cannot be sent for review. Please direct any questions to Vishal Gupta
    See you in Chicago!

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