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9th International e-HRM conference - June 2024

  • 1.  9th International e-HRM conference - June 2024

    Posted 12-06-2023 05:30

    Over the last two decades e-HRM has evolved into a unique field of inquiry embracing all types of IT-enabled HRM which has the potential not only to automate but to transform HRM processes. Rapid advances in AI, leading the release of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Google's PaLM2 provide new opportunities and capabilities for e-HRM users. AI driven data-engineering has the potential to dramatically improve the ease with which data from different e-HRM systems can be joined up and integrated, and to automate processes within HRIS that currently require human oversight. AI co-piloting has the potential to make it much easier to generate insights from HR data, democratising HR analytics. There has been an explosion of AI for HR start-ups, and the most successful of these, companies like Beamery and Phenom, are gaining customers through AI systems that integrate with traditional HRIS. Despite these impressive advances, many of the traditional challenges and agendas of e-HRM remain. How to upskill the HR profession to take advantages of these new opportunities? How to balance opportunities for productivity and performance gains with the need for human oversight from seasoned professionals? How to introduce new systems and processes in an ethical way that gives appropriate weight to employee voice?

    The aim of the 9th e-HRM Conference is to enable scholars and professionals from around the world to share new ideas on, insights into and experiences to address these and other questions pertinent to e-HRM in practice and as an academic field of study. We invite authors to submit theoretical, conceptual and/or empirical contributions, and encourage methodological plurality, including quantitative/qualitative studies, action research, future studies (or combinations thereof), as well as proposals for symposia and practitioner-scholar panels. To further advance the field, we also encourage and call for interdisciplinary and cross-domain contributions from academia, consultancy, and industry. We are also inviting contributions from adjacent research fields that focus on the various aspects of managing human resources in digitalized organizations and ecosystems.

    Further details of call for papers, key dates and registration information can be found here:


    Andrew Charlwood
    University of Leeds