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AOM 2022 Panel Symposium on 'Search for Innovation: Past, Present, And Future'

  • 1.  AOM 2022 Panel Symposium on 'Search for Innovation: Past, Present, And Future'

    Posted 07-05-2022 08:42

    We are writing to cordially invite you to the upcoming Panel Symposium on "Search for Innovation: Past, Present, And Future" at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2022 in Seattle.

    AOM2022 Panel Symposium "Search for Innovation: Past, Present, And Future"

    August 8th, 2022, 7:00 AM– 8:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) Hybrid: Seattle + Zoom
    Distinguished Panelists:
    Gautam Ahuja (Cornell University)
    Lee Fleming (University of California, Berkeley)
    Melissa Schilling (New York University)
    Mary Tripsas (University of California, Santa Barbara)
    Kiran Awate (Virginia Tech)
    Rajat Khanna (Tulane University)
    Raji Kunapuli (Southwestern University)


    Research on the creation of novel innovations via recombinative search has been a topic of growing interest to strategy and management scholars. Contemporary research has started adopting interesting approaches to deepen our understanding of this theoretical approach. Added to this, recent technological advancements have opened new avenues for firms to overcome limitations posed by bounded rationality.

    This symposium will bring together a panel of distinguished scholars working in this area a) to reflect on the current research on search and recombination and b) promote conversations to uncover promising questions for future research.

    The topics we aim to discuss in the symposium include 1) how we define search and its various dimensions, i.e., depth, breadth, local, distant, etc. 2) how does organizational boundary spanning influence search and learning behavior of firms 3) how do the new technological advancements challenges the behavioral assumptions underlying the search process and what are the opportunities that new technology evolution presents? 4) What are the empirical implications of theoretical developments such as different measurement methods and inherent trade-offs involved in such selection.  

    Session Format

    After the panelists share insights on each of the key current topics and methodologies for studying search and recombination, the session will be open to audience discussion, questions, and answers.

    Please feel free to reach out to Kiran Awate (akiran@vt.edu),  Rajat Khanna (rkhanna@tulane.edu) or Raji Kunapuli (kunapulr@southwestern.edu) if you have any questions.

    We are looking forward to meeting you soon (in-person or virtually)!

    Raji Kunapuli
    Assistant Professor
    Southwestern University

    Georgetown TX

    Rajyalakshmi Kunapuli
    Southwestern University
    Georgetown TX
    (734) 846-1544