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Call for Applications: AoM PDW on New Data and Methods in Strategic Management Research

  • 1.  Call for Applications: AoM PDW on New Data and Methods in Strategic Management Research

    Posted 06-26-2022 13:53
    Call for Applications:
    AoM PDW
    New Data and Methods in Strategic Management Research


    Program Session: 761 | Sponsor(s): (STR, RM)
    Session Format: In-person Only: Seattle
    Sunday, Aug 7 2022 11:15AM - 1:45PM PT (UTC-7) at Seattle Convention Center in Yakima 1


    Bukky Akinsanmi (McCombs School of Business)
    Elena Novelli (Bayes Business School)
    Patryk Perkowski (Columbia Business School)
    Phebo Wibbens (INSEAD)
    Tiona Zuzul (Harvard Business School)


    Arianna Marchetti (London Business School)
    Victoria Sevcenko (INSEAD)


    Based on the very successful attendance we experienced at AoM 2021 (140+ attendees), we propose a second edition of this PDW, which aims to expose researchers in strategic management to novel and cutting-edge data and methodologies to address relevant questions in the field that are still missing an answer often due to empirical limitations. The PDW will be organized in two parts: 

    Part I, 11:25 AM - 12:45 PM PT (Open to all participants)

    The first part of the PDW will be open to all AoM participants and will feature presentations by the invited panellists. They will showcase empirical approaches that can help researchers address the issue of causal identification in strategy and develop novel theories based on qualitative evidence. The panellists will also illustrate how the use of techniques such as stochastic modelling and qualitative analyses can complement and enrich more widespread empirical approaches based on the use of archival data. Finally, they will illustrate how to acquire novel datasets and leverage those to address traditional questions in the field. The presentations by the panellists will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

    Part II, 12:45 – 1:45 PM PT (Open to pre-registered participants, due to space limits)

    Following the panel discussion, we will host a shorter paper feedback session in round tables that will be by invitation only, where participants can interact among each other and with the panellists and discuss their ongoing research projects. To apply to the paper feedback session, please complete this short survey by 22 July 2022. Selected participants will be notified prior to the scheduled workshop.

    Please contact Arianna Marchetti (amarchetti@london.edu) or Victoria Sevcenko (victoria.sevcenko@insead.edu) with any questions about the PDW or the application process.

    Arianna Marchetti
    London Business School