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Call for Papers: "Bridging innovation and sustainability management research: theoretical and managerial challenges and opportunities"

  • 1.  Call for Papers: "Bridging innovation and sustainability management research: theoretical and managerial challenges and opportunities"

    Posted 27 days ago

    Creativity and Innovation Management (published by Wiley, onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/14678691) is delighted to announce a special issue aimed at exploring and developing new or testing proposed management theories focusing on the interface between innovation and sustainability management. We invite researchers to empirically study the multifaceted intersection of innovation and sustainability management research, using a robust theoretical conceptualization, and to converge on common theoretical underpinnings, constructs, measurement approaches, and methodologies.

    Topics of interest for this special issue could be related (but not limited) to the following:

    • Open innovation and sustainable innovation
      • Role of open innovation strategies in fostering sustainability objectives
      • Synergies between open innovation and sustainability management practices
      • Business model innovation/open business models in sustainable entrepreneurship
      • Drivers and barriers to external collaborations in sustainable innovation
    • Sustainable innovation and value creation
      • Green innovation, eco-innovation, and their implications for new product design and development
      • Data-based innovation and value creation for sustainability
      • Complementarities and tensions between digital and sustainable innovations
      • The triple bottom line: integrating sustainability objectives into innovation strategy
    • Innovation and sustainability: Resources, competencies and sources of competitive advantage
      • Effects of sustainability objectives on creativity performance of individuals and teams
      • Creatively promoting green and socially impactful work practices and behavior
      • Developing new competencies for innovation and sustainability: the role of R&D, absorptive capacity, and dynamic capabilities
    • Innovation, sustainability and economic development
      • Role of institutions and public policies in promoting sustainability-oriented innovation
      • Challenges and opportunities for technological innovation and sustainable development in emerging economies
      • Dealing with environmental and social challenges through innovative supply chain management

    The full call for papers can be found here: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/pb-assets/assets/14678691/cfp/... 

    Important dates:

    Workshop with authors: June 2024 (sign up needed).

    Submission deadline for first submission: 31 October 2024.

    Intended publication date of the Special Issue: July 2025.

    We look forward to receiving your contributions!

    Special issue Guest Editors: Cristina Marullo, Lillian do N. Gambi, Eleonora Annunziata, Desirée van Dun

    Cristina Marullo
    Assistant Professor
    Polytechnic University of Turin