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📢 Final Call for Papers: Special Issue of Industry and Innovation - "Micro processes in Science-Industry Interaction: Actors, Channels, and Impacts"

  • 1.  📢 Final Call for Papers: Special Issue of Industry and Innovation - "Micro processes in Science-Industry Interaction: Actors, Channels, and Impacts"

    Posted 05-06-2023 04:45
    Edited by Enrique Acebo 05-06-2023 04:47

    Dear colleagues,

    Industry and Innovation invites you to submit your papers for its upcoming special issue, "Micro processes in Science-Industry Interaction: Actors, Channels, and Impacts". Please note that the submission deadline is fast approaching, with the final call ending on May 31st.

    Science-Industry (SI) interactions are multifaceted phenomena involving actors from different institutional contexts who interact in various ways for different reasons. Despite a broad existing literature on SI interactions, our understanding of the processes underlying knowledge and technology transfer remains limited. 

    We are seeking original research articles that explore the different processes in science-industry interaction at the micro level – for example, questions related to the actors involved, the channels of interaction used, and the impact these interactions generate. Identifying these micro processes will provide a more comprehensive understanding of SI interaction, especially regarding uni vs. bidirectional interaction, problem-solving vs. value-offering activities and many more.
    For this endeavor, theoretical and both qualitative and quantitative empirical approaches, addressed from a disciplinary ord interdisciplinary angle, are welcome. In particular, perspectives from Economics of Innovation, Economics of Science and Technology, Management of Technology and Innovation, and Economic Geography can jointly provide a holistic picture of the antecedents and consequences of SI interaction.

    We encourage submissions that address the following topics, but not limited to:

    Actor level
       What are the actors' motives and strategies for SI interactions?
       Why do some actors not engage in SI interactions? What are potential barriers?
       Which frictions exist in SI interactions, and how and why do SI interactions fail?
       What is the role and impact of intermediaries in SI interactions, and how does their role change throughout the transfer process?

    Channel level
    What channels of interaction do actors choose and why?
    What factors and barriers facilitate or inhibit SI interactions, and what roles can policy play in supporting the respective interactions?
    What role do intermediaries play in the choice of an interaction channel, and how do they support the interaction process?

    Impact level
        What are the outcomes of SI interactions, and how can they be assessed regarding quantity and quality?
        How important are face-to-face interactions for SI interactions and outcomes?
        Which role do absorptive capacities play in the success and impact of SI interactions?
        What impact can SI interaction have beyond the actual actors, e.g., industry or society?
        How does S-I interaction influence industrial dynamics and industry evolution?
       What are the policy implications and governing lessons derived from case studies of collaboration projects and empirical evidence for SI interaction?

    Special issue editors: Uwe Cantner, Maximilian Goethner, Martin Kalthaus, Valentina Tartari & Martin Wörter

    Submission deadline: 31 May 2023

    Contact details and full call: https://think.taylorandfrancis.com/special_issues/micro-processes-science-industry-interaction-actors-channels-impacts/

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    Best regards,

    Enrique Acebo, PhD

    Social Media Editor of Industry and Innovation