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Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) March Special Issue ""The Role of Innovation in For-Profit Firms' Tackling of Grand Challenges"

  • 1.  Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) March Special Issue ""The Role of Innovation in For-Profit Firms' Tackling of Grand Challenges"

    Posted 03-28-2024 14:26

    Read the latest issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM)

    Special issue "The Role of Innovation in For-Profit Firms' Tackling of Grand Challenges"

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    CATALYST: Grand challenges and platform ecosystems: Scaling solutions for wicked ecological and societal problems

    Ritala, Paavo


    How do grand-challenges determine, drive and influence the innovation efforts of for-profit firms? A Multidimensional Analysis

    Temouri, Yama; Pereira, Vijay; Wood, Geoffrey; Bamel, Umesh; Budhwar, Pawan


    Tackling Grand Societal Challenges: Understanding When and How Reverse Engineering Fosters Frugal Product Innovation in an Emerging Market

    Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph; Adomako, Samuel; Gyensare, Michael; Akhtar, Pervaiz; Hussain, Nazim


    Addressing the grand challenges of poverty with data-driven creative service offerings

    Akter, Shahriar; Hossain, Md Afnan; Hani, Umme; Vrontis, Demetris; Thrassou, Alkis; Arslan, Ahmad         


    Converting Inventions into Innovations to Address Cancer Grand Challenges: The Role of Scientific and Digital Search Intensity

    Ardito, Lorenzo; Natalicchio, Angelo; Messeni Petruzzelli, Antonio; Del Giudice, Manlio


    Board gender diversity, feminine culture, and innovation for environmental sustainability

    Shoham, Amir; Bazel Shoham, Ofra; Lee, Sangmook; Munjal, Surender


    Confronting the grand challenge of environmental sustainability within supply chains: How can organizational strategic agility drive environmental innovation?

    Bouguerra, Abderaouf; Hughes, Mathew; Rodgers, Peter; Stokes, Peter; Tatoglu, Ekrem


    Tackling pandemic-related health grand challenges: The role of organizational ambidexterity, social equality, and innovation performance

    Christofi, Michael; Stylianou, Ioanna; Hadjielias, Elias; De Massis, Alfredo; Kastanakis, Minas N.


    Customers Driving a Firm's Responsible Innovation Response for Grand Challenges: A Co-active Issue-Selling Perspective

    Degbey, William Y.; Pelto, Elina; Öberg, Christina; Carmeli, Abraham


    How Firms Realign to Tackle the Grand Challenge of Climate Change: An Innovation Ecosystems Perspective

    Falcke , Lukas; Zobel, Ann-Kristin; Comello, Stephen        


    Tackling exigent grand challenges through corporate social innovation: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

    Ghauri, Pervez; Fu, Xiaolan; Fu, Xiaoqing (Maggie); Khan, Hina    

    Setting contextual conditions to resolve Grand Challenges through Responsible Innovation: A comparative patent analysis in the Circular Economy

    Liu, Yipeng; Xing, Eugenia; Vendrell-Herrero, Ferran; Bustinza, Oscar


    Grand Challenges and Emerging Market SMEs: The Role of Strategic Agility and Gender Diversity

    Zahoor, Nadia; Khan, Huda; Donbesuur, Francis; Khan, Zaheer; Rajwani, Tazeeb


    Co-Creating Innovation Ecosystems in Contexts of Absolute Uncertainty: The Case of Low-Cost Heart Valves in India

    Sahasranamam, Sreevas; Soundararajan, Vivek; Chatterjee, Debabrata

    Gloria Barczak
    Professor Emeritus
    Northeastern University
    Sharon MA