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  • 1.  PhD in Management at the Lundquist College of Business/University of Oregon

    Posted 12-05-2023 00:16

    Are you curious about technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, or sustainability? Would you like to understand how to manage a global workforce, craft a career, or interpret the affective nuances of employees' lives?  Could you see yourself spending several years rigorously investigating questions in these areas?  Are you open to the intellectual growth and challenge of obtaining a doctoral degree? 


    If the answer to these questions is "yes", we invite you to consider applying to the University of Oregon's PhD program in Management. Here are more details about our program:


    Obtaining a PhD in Management from the University of Oregon (UO) is a gateway to a career in academia.  We train students to become researchers and educators in strategic management, organizations, and organizational behavior with a focus on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. You will have unsurpassed intellectual freedom, with the ability to really make a difference through publishing and teaching.  Being a university professor is a great job with an unbeatable lifestyle. 


    UO's PhD program in Management is distinctive.   We combine the structure of coursework with the freedom to explore your unique interests.  Our faculty are open-minded to pursuit of novel research questions, approaches, and contexts.  We do demand that our students create sound theoretical arguments, gather unique datasets, analyze them rigorously, and consider managerial implications.  We expect and enable our students to make a real contribution to academic scholarship.  Accordingly, we treat students as intelligent and valued colleagues, providing an apprenticeship-like experience.   Students also have the opportunity to teach their own classes, giving them valuable pedagogical experience. 


    UO PhD students work closely with world-renowned faculty who are experts both in their subject areas and in the publication process.   Our doctoral faculty publishes, holds editorial board seats, and has editorial experience at top tier journals, such as Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Organization Science, Personnel Psychology, and the Strategic Management Journal.   Our commitment to research and scholarship is deep and leads to coauthorship with our doctoral students. Since the year 2000, members of the LCB's Department of Management have been awarded over $2.1M in grants from the National Science Foundation and other sources, providing research support to a number of doctoral students.  As of June 2020 our faculty and their research interests are:


    Khonika Gope (Ph.D., Stanford): Entrepreneurship, sustainable entrepreneurship, accelerators/entrepreneurship education.

    Ralph Heidl (Ph.D., Washington):  Collaborative networks, knowledge exchange, technology entrepreneurship, innovation management.

    Lauren Lanahan (Ph.D., North Carolina):  Innovation policy and small business innovation.

    Chris Liu (Ph.D., MIT; DBA, Harvard): Spatial networks, scientists, innovation and productivity. 

    Alan Meyer (emeritus, Ph.D., UC Berkeley): Organization design, industry emergence, technology entrepreneurship.

    Alex Murray (Ph.D., Washington): Organization design, industry emergence, technology entrepreneurship.

    Andrew Nelson (Ph.D., Stanford): Technology development and diffusion, entrepreneurship, occupations and technological change.

    Natasha Overmeyer (Ph.D., Stanford): Entrepreneurship, venture funding, labor markets.

    Anne Parmigiani (Ph.D., Michigan): Firm boundaries and vertical interfirm relationships. 

    Mike Russo (Ph.D., UC Berkeley): The influence of social forces, public policy, and sustainability on strategic management.  

    Bill Starbuck (courtesy professor in residence, Ph.D., Carnegie): Organizational design, growth, development, learning, strategic management. 

    David Wagner (Ph.D., Michigan State):  Affect, sleep, work-life interface.

    Peter Younkin (Ph.D., UC Berkeley):  Crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, industry emergence.


    The faculty's expertise is situated in broad areas of strategy, organization theory, and organizational behavior. For more information, see: https://business.uoregon.edu/departments/management


    Information about the application process and online applications:  https://business.uoregon.edu/phd/admissions


    You may contact the Management PhD Coordinator, Dr. Chris Liu (chrisliu@uoregon.edu) for any remaining questions. 


    If the application fee is a hardship, we have a limited number of fee waivers that are available upon request. 


    Applications are due January 5, 2024. 


    Chris Liu

    Associate Professor

    Coordinator, Management Ph.D. Program

    Dept. of Management, Lundquist College of Business

    University of Oregon

  • 2.  RE: PhD in Management at the Lundquist College of Business/University of Oregon

    Posted 12-06-2023 13:28

    As a PhD student at University of Oregon, I think this is a great program.  If you have any questions for current students, don't hesitate to reach out!  You can contact me at bdowns@uoregon.edu with any questions or I can link you up with other students that is closer to your current life situation.  Thanks for considering!

    Brian Downs
    University of Oregon
    Eugene OR