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Submit to EGOS Sub-theme 34. "Digital disruption: professions at the crossroads"

  • 1.  Submit to EGOS Sub-theme 34. "Digital disruption: professions at the crossroads"

    Posted 12-05-2023 13:32

    Please consider submitting your proposals to Sub-theme 34: Digital Disruption: Professions at the Crossroads at the 40th EGOS Colloquium in Milan, Italy, on July 4-6, 2024. Deadline: January 9, 2024.


    Our goal is to foster a community of junior and senior scholars interested in discussing how professions, professional service firms (PSFs) and professionals respond to and enact digitalization. We posit that professions, PSFs, and professionals find themselves at a crossroads: either they continue their trodden path, or decide to follow a new one, in which they – spurred by digitalization – need to (re-)shape the boundaries for what they (should) know, what they (should) do, and who they are (or should be). Thus, we are interested in how professions, PSFs, and professionals engage in maintaining their existing jurisdictions and domains of expertise, and/or redefining them.

    We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions that draw on organizational theory, organizational behavior, strategy, entrepreneurship, sociology, and public policy. We are interested in papers that use quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches.

    you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out:

    Frida Pemer
    Stockholm School of Economics

    Tale Skjølsvik

    Oslo Metropolitan University



    James Faulconbridge

    Lancaster University