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ASQ Blog Virtual Research Discussion: Writing (And Re-Writing) a Draft

  • 1.  ASQ Blog Virtual Research Discussion: Writing (And Re-Writing) a Draft

    Posted 01-28-2022 12:12
    Hello TIM community, 

    I would like to call your attention to the ASQ Blog's upcoming virtual research discussion. 

    We communicate our research through our writing. Even research that has been carefully planned and skillfully executed cannot advance theory or practice until it has been thoughtfully and convincingly written. However, despite the importance of writing for advancing our research, starting a draft can be a daunting step for junior scholars. Furthermore, after "finishing" a draft, we are often tasked with incorporating feedback from other scholars-even further complicating the writing process. Thus, having addressed the "first steps" in the research process during our last virtual research discussion, we now turn our attention to writing (and re-writing) our research papers.

    The organizers of The ASQ Blog are pleased to invite you to this virtual research discussion on Wednesday, March 2nd from 10:00 until 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

    Also, please RSVP here by February 23rd to ensure you receive the Zoom link for the event.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Danielle Bovenberg – UC Santa Barbara, Technology Management
    Maggie Cascadden – University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business
    Yun Ha Cho – University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
    Luke Hedden – Boston College, Carroll School of Management
    Abraham Oshotse – Stanford University, Graduate School of Business

    Danielle Bovenberg
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara CA