OMT PDW - Doing Organizational Research around the World

By Pablo Martin De Holan posted 07-06-2021 04:10


Doing Organizational Research around the World

PDW Organized by the OMT Division


When: AOM 2021



Are you interested in Organization and Management Theory, and your research interests are outside of North America and Europe and/or international or global? We invite you to one of the first asynchronous PDWs at the Academy of Management, designed by OMT to help you benefit from it without sacrificing valuable conference time: the timing of the sessions is set during a dialogue between you and your mentor.

The Organization & Management Theory Division OMT is hosting the “Global PDW” again at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management”. The objective of the workshop is to facilitate dialogue, mentorship, networking, and discussion around the unique challenges and opportunities of planning, implementing, and publishing high quality organizational research using international settings.

This ASYNCHRONOUS PDW is designed so participants can interact with scholars that have successfully conducted organizational research using data from around the world. The participants will get feedback on their own research from a senior scholar in the field in a private meeting.

Senior scholars will meet with junior peers to discuss a range of issues (e.g., doing research globally, managing the international component of a career, etc), and give feedback on individual research proposals.

The workshop is divided in three parts:

  • Introduction with content from senior scholars with significant experience in different types of international / global / non-US or Europe based research.
  • Dialogue with mentor. Each participant is connected with a senior scholar to receive feedback on their paper, and to discuss topics of interest. This is a one-on-one meeting.
  • Dialogue with small group of peers: receiving and providing feedback to fellow PDW participants.

Mentors and facilitators for the workshop include:





Christina Ahmadjian

Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan,


Brandy Aven

Carnegie Mellon U. / USA


Henrich Greve

INSEAD, France / Singapore


Yujin Jeong

Kogod school of Business , American University, USA  


Rajiv Kozhikode

Simon Fraser U. / Canada


Jochem Kroezen

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge/ UK  


Seok-Woo Kwon

Haskayne School of Business/ U. of Calgary/ Calgary Canada


Jordan Siegel

University of Michigan, USA


Christopher Yenkey

Darla Moore School of Business, U. Of South Carolina /USA-


Pablo Fernandez

IAE, Argentina


Maria Jose Murcia  

IAE, Argentina


Eric Quintane

ESMT University in Berlin - Germany


Herman Aguinis

George Washington U. School of Business, USA


Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra

Northeastern U.- USA


Yutaka Yamauchi

Kyoto U. Graduate School of Management- Japan


Pablo Martin de Holan

HEC Paris


Submission Guidelines: If you have research that uses a setting outside North America or Europe, and your research focuses on organization and management theory related topics, we encourage you to apply by submitting a research proposal for this session. The proposal should describe unpublished and not-yet-presented original research, and should include the following sections:

(1) Abstract: 200 words description that summarizes the overall study;

(2) Proposal: Description of your conceptual or empirical study;

(3) Supporting material: Tables, figures, and references that support the proposal.


Overall, the proposal should not exceed a total of 7 pages and 4000 words – 5 pages for the body which can include charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. and up to 2 pages of references. The word count includes all text in the charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. and references.  Please be sure to include a clear description that summarizes the research question, findings, and theoretical and substantive contribution.

DEADLINES: The deadline for the proposal submission is July 24, 2021. All proposals must be submitted to  Acceptance decisions on submissions will be provided by July 31, 2021.

For more information regarding the PDW or to express an interest in participating, please contact Pablo MARTIN DE HOLAN (HEC Paris) or Yutaka Yamauchi (Kyoto University Graduate School of Management) at