How To Implement Effective Pre-Employment Screening

By Terrance Palmer posted 02-14-2019 17:32


How To Implement Effective Pre-Employment Screening

One of the toughest aspects of a business is that you can’t simply go back in time and apply all of the knowledge that you learn while running a business. While it might be tempting to look back and examine your mistakes, the truth is that business owners have to constantly be focused on the future, whether it involves improving the bottom line, expanding strategically, or staying ahead of the competition.

One of the most important ways that a business can improve in terms of productivity is to hire more effectively. No business wants to constantly be rehiring and replacing employees because of their lack of ambition or focus. The ability to hire the right employees can prove almost invaluable, and can truly be one of the variables that can steer your company in the right direction, or the wrong one. Here are some ways you can implement effective pre-employment screening.


In this ever-competing job market, there are all sorts of individuals that are tempted to either lie on their resume or exaggerate their past accomplishments. This should be a red flag for many employers. Of course, it is up to you as a business owner to determine how you want to handle the verification process. It could help give you some insight as to the overall reputation of the individual, as well.

It doesn’t take long to make the right calls, or send the right e-mails, to verify past employment. If a potential employee is willing to completely lie about where they used to work, can you trust them with company information or certain tasks/duties? This is an important aspect to consider.

Get Professional

For those that might not want to spend time and money checking out employee history - you can always use a professional pre-employment screening service. While some might dismiss this as a waste of money - this could certainly prove useful.

There are stories every day about how employees steal from their businesses, and even government officials that steal from funds. In fact, it might even take years for them to get caught. In a recent incident, a Department of Defense employee was found guilty of defrauding the government in a long-running scheme. For those wondering, she was able to get away with it from December 2001 to July 2018.

The point is that with an in-depth evaluation of someone’s credit history and/or criminal history, the screening service might help you truly find out who your prospective employee is, and help your company avoid hiring an individual who could end up costing your company more time, money, and energy than you could imagine.

Drug Testing

There are already all sorts of aspects that a company has to worry about. Companies constantly have to be concerned about technology advancements, the competition, customer satisfaction, overhead, employee morale, unseen costs, and more. It truly can be a lot to handle. The last thing that should be on the mind of a business owner is whether their employees are intoxicated or under the influence, and unable to fulfill their role to the fullest.

It’s hard to deny the importance of drug testing, because it can truly hurt your brand and reputation if customers know that you are employing alcoholics and drug addicts. For example, thanks to technology, all it takes is one incident involving emotional instability for your company to have its reputation destroyed in a viral video over the Internet, for example. Drug testing also lets your employees know that no matter how much you are here to support them in their endeavors, that the workplace is still a location to be respected and safe at all times.