Ways Follow Me Printing Benefits Your Business

By Terrance Palmer posted 10-28-2021 13:54


Using a printer is easy and the most common task carried out in offices and educational institutions. Many are not aware of the severe security risks and how easy it is for hackers to retrieve data from printers. The printer technology did not advance much after adapting color for decades until the recent security issues popped up. 

Heightened security 

Follow Me printing is a technology that does not add your data to a standard queue. There is no more printing randomly through an assigned printer. The person who pressed Ctrl+P must go to the printer, put in a password, or swipe their identity card to get the required number of printouts. The workers need not worry someone else will print out confidential information using their name. helps you have the right machines with a follow me printing option, which is a secure way to protect your printable data. Nobody without proper access can view or steal data from printers while using this high-security technology. Each printout is made only after the direct authorization of the concerned person standing ready to retrieve the print instantly. 

No paper wastage 

Print management solutions are a must to stay environmentally friendly by saving papers through waste reduction. The Gordon Flesch printing technology, also known as find me printing or cloud printing, doesn't allow excess wastage and unwanted printing of material in the office. 

Every person authorized to use the printer gets a swiping card or an authentication password. The printer cannot print the data until the correct pin gets entered in person or detects an RF card's proximity held by the employees. Every printable data stays linked to the individual account of a person to prevent misuse and collect evidence in case of discrepancies. 

No more print and sprint 

There is no need to type print and rush to the printer before it spits out the confidential data anymore. You can get the printout safely when you are ready, and the printer is free. Employees can avoid queues in front of the printer and the prying eyes of co-workers peeping on the printed documents. 

Access rights of each printer are highly regulated, and printers can be accessed only based on the job role or the assigned department staff. Workers can rest assured no data leaks through the printers at any cost due to highly restricted access. 

Improved printer performance 

The printers often give up during peak hours because of over data in the queue. The new printing technology prevents this queue and all the data for printing from getting assigned to a particular printer. It speeds up the printer performance, prevents over lagging and too much usage. Regular software updates keep the printer functioning smooth and fast, reducing the printout time and making the printer's work longer and free of repairs. 

Hackers cannot retrieve data from the printer queue since the data is stored in a secure database in the server and accessed only during the printing process. The printers function well without overload for a long time giving out high-quality prints. 

Effective personal usage tracking

It is common for office employees to print personal items required for their children's projects or personal use. It wasn't considered a significant issue in most companies but caused a massive loss for vast organizations where hundreds of workers misuse the technology to get free color printouts. 

The latest technology enables the company to track what each user is printing, and the companies can easily question them. Some universities which charge students to pay for printouts find this technology very effective in detecting the right amount, instead of charging them randomly for a month. Close monitoring also prevents the students from printing restricted material.