Costa Rica or Belize – Which One is Better?

By Terrance Palmer posted 01-03-2022 00:34


When you think of buying investment property in either Costa Rica or Belize, how do you know which one is better? After all, both countries have warm, tropical climates and both offer affordable real estate. 

Both countries are part of Central America. Costa Rica has strong relations with the USA and Belize still maintains strong ties with the UK so one has to wonder where to invest in real estate between the two. 


Costa Rica’s team of excellent real estate agents


Buying property in Costa Rica is a wise move but to move to Costa Rica will require you to meet immigration requirements. It’s a wonderfully safe Latin American country so you want to be sure that you choose the right full-service licensed real estate management company. People trust Blue Water Properties with their offices in Tamarindo and Playa Conchal. 


They specialize in the northern Pacific Coast of Guanacaste or Gold Coast, as it is fondly referred to. You can trust them with Costa Rica Real Estate as they have received a rating of ‘Excellence’ on TripAdvisor, boasting with their superb customer services from their excellent team as they assist you with buying property in this paradisiacal setting. 


Buying real estate


There is plenty of amazing real estate in Costa Rica, from beachfront properties to apartments to suburban homes to country-style homes in the mountains. Buying property in a foreign country can be strewn with red tape and legalities, but it just happens that Belize is one of the easiest countries to buy property in. Belize is much smaller than Costa Rica and it allows visitors to apply for residency after living there for one year. 


Costa Rica’s immigration requirements are more complicated. Nonetheless, whether buying property in Costa Rica or Belize, using a reputable real estate agent ensures that the process isn’t so frustrating and drawn out. North American visitors are always granted up to 90 days on a tourist visa to explore a country and to see whether it can become a future home. 


General selling points


Belize lies closest to the United States, making it attractive for real estate seekers. It means more accessible travel arrangements. Then again, many younger people love the vibey-ness of Costa Rica and the greater variety of choices. 


They love that Costa Rica's national constitution guarantees them the right to own property and to enjoy the same rights as Costa Ricans. Foreigners wanting to buy real estate in Costa Rica can own land outright with a deed. In Costa Rica, property taxes and insurance are all lower than in the United States. 


Speaking the language


Not everyone learns a new language with ease. If you struggle with a new language, you will need to look at Costa Rica and Belize in terms of fitting in better and making yourself understood. Of the two Central American countries, the smaller Belize is, the more linguistically accessible. 


This is because it was once controlled by the British and the country retained English as its national language when it gained independence in 1981. It also attracts fewer international tourists than native Spanish-speaking Costa Rica. You will need a good knowledge of Spanish to get along with the locals. 


Costa Rica’s drawcard is its excellent medical facilities


Americans are investing in second homes in Belize and Costa Rica big time. Costa Rica is bigger than Belize and many big US hotel chains are found in Costa Rica. Whether you are young or old, having access to good medical care is imperative. So, if you need to be close to top-rated medical facilities, you’ll choose Costa Rica over Belize. 


The country offers its citizens universal health care and their private and public health care systems are always being upgraded. Costa Rica is also a popular destination for medical tourism. Medical care in Belize is sadly lacking and for those with young families or for retired people, this would be a serious consideration when choosing to invest in property in Belize or Costa Rica.