Here’s How to Invest Wisely the Next Time

By Terrance Palmer posted 01-11-2022 12:16


One of the many online investment options is cryptocurrency but like in any other investment, it has its list of good and bad sides. Many investors rush into the cryptocurrency market without searching out first to know the wisest way to venture into the market. 

As a result, they lose their hard-earned money the first time they try their luck in cryptocurrencies. You can escape becoming a statistic of those who lost money in cryptocurrency by investing wisely. Even if you lost before, you can venture again and invest better.

Not every platform is good

To date, the cryptocurrency market is not regulated in many countries, and new trading platforms keep coming up. Although many individual countries are working on guidelines to regulate the industry, you should not outrightly trust every platform that promises you a bright future. 

Investigate to establish if the platform you are choosing is an established platform that can be trusted. You may want to first understand both local and international laws governing the market so that you can invest wisely.

Seek advice before investing 

Cryptocurrency investments are still new and not many people are skilled or knowledgeable in the field. Most people who advise you rely on hearsay and many others do guesswork because they are purely speculators. 

Some individuals and companies specialize in advising people who want to venture into this market. They have been studying the market since it was launched and have the best knowledge that you can benefit from. 

The market is volatile

Every market has its share of risks but some markets have greater risks compared to others. The cryptocurrency market is highly rewarding but venturing into it means you must get ready for whatever it brings. 

It can easily crash to huge levels and it can also easily rise by huge margins too. If the prices go up, it is to your advantage but if they go bearish, you must be prepared to handle the shock. 

Don’t rely on short term investments

People who lose their money easily in the cryptocurrency market are those who want to cash in fast and exit. When there are too many people buying for speculation, they push prices higher and higher because demand is usually higher than supply. 

A time will come when every speculator has bought enough and because they were looking for quick capital gain, they offload quickly into the market. This creates the worst scenario because the demand-supply curve turns the opposite. 

When supply exceeds demand, prices come crashing and every speculator loses big. If you invest in cryptocurrencies as a long-term option, you will not worry when prices crash because you will have all the time to wait. There will be no harm if your capital gain goes up with a huge margin and you take advantage of it by selling. 

Don’t invest all your savings

One of the commonest advice for people without experience in online betting sports is to never invest all your money in betting. This advice is applicable to people investing in cryptocurrencies, especially for new investors, because it is easy to get carried away by numbers.

A certain crypto coin could be soaring high all the time and by the time you enter the market, you might hear its price is at $4700. Because of numbers, it’s easy for you to do your math fast and envision the coin selling at $8800 or more.  

It is okay to envision it that way, but bear in mind, it is also possible for the coin to drop to a price as low as $100. If you had invested all your money in the crypto coin, you would be counting huge losses.