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PDW English Writing for German Native Speakers

  • 1.  PDW English Writing for German Native Speakers

    Posted 07-26-2021 16:07

    *** Apologies for cross-posting *** 

    PDW English Writing for German Native Speakers 

    Sunday, August 1, 10:30–12:00 EDT (Session 540)

    Presenter: Mary Craig, English for Impact
    Organizer: Markus Vodosek, Indiana University 

    This workshop is designed for German native speakers who want to improve their English writing skills through techniques they can later apply independently. In interactive exercises that take advantage of the chat, polling and breakout room functions of the online meeting platform Zoom and the collaboration capabilities of Google docs, participants will practice revision techniques that target German language patterns transferred into English. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able not only to preempt typical mistakes but also to write effective English sentences and, by extension, purposeful paragraphs and convincing manuscripts that meet the standards of AOM publications. Participants should bring a 2–3 page electronic document of their own academic writing that has not been edited by someone else and from which they can share select paragraphs in the breakout rooms. After the workshop, we invite participants to revise up to two pages of text using the techniques taught in this workshop and to send them to the speaker for comment.

    PDW Agenda

    • Welcome and introduction. (5 min)
    • Interactive presentation of the macro and micro concerns of writing for publication in English, with emphasis on Subject-Verb-Object (S-V-O) syntax as tool to improve clarity and idiomatic flow. (15 min)
    • Introduction of revision techniques, tailored to identify weaknesses German native speakers may have. Participants will practice the techniques in breakout rooms and individually on their own sample texts. (55 min)
    • Summary and brief Q&A. (10 min)
    • Conclusion. (5 min)

    Markus Vodosek
    Clinical Professor
    Indiana University
    Bloomington IN
    +1 (812) 855-9727