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Registration is open for The Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha Springboard and Networking Session

  • 1.  Registration is open for The Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha Springboard and Networking Session

    Posted 06-07-2021 15:16
    Registration is open for the AOM PDW
    The Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha Springboard and Networking Session
    Which takes place on Saturday July 31, 2021 from 2:00-4:15 PM U.S. Eastern (New York) time


    Registration window: Now through June 30

    Please register at  

    Registration is capped at 100 people, on a first come, first served basis  


    Behavioral ethics research, aimed at understanding the causes and consequences of (un-) ethical behavior in organizations, is thriving. However, many studies rely on research approaches that emphasize internal validity over external validity and generalizability. While informative, ethics researchers are calling for the field to better take into account the contextual complexity of organizational life. Theoretical advances are needed on ethics phenomena that occur "inside organizations" or the field risks losing its credibility. For this reason, this year's behavioral ethics PDW seeks to offer insight on how to enhance researchers' methodological toolkit, and to help develop future research ideas that better incorporate different (field) research designs into behavioral ethics research. This is the fifth rendition of this PDW, which is set up in two parts. The first part of the PDW consists of eight future-oriented Pecha Kucha presentations followed by a plenary discussion. The second part consists of interactive breakout room sessions with around 12 people per breakout room. To facilitate networking, attendees will be asked, on the link above, to rank order the breakout rooms according to their preference. Attendees will be selected into two breakout rooms for around 20 minutes each. We will reach out to all attendees to submit two-three (research) questions per room ahead of the Academy.


    This year's Pecha Kucha presenters are:

    • Michael Baer (Arizona State University) will present "Incorporating a within-person approach to advance ethics theory: Lessons from ethical leadership research and other findings"
    • Laura Fritsch (University of Oxford) will present "Using natural language processing (NLP) in behavioral ethics research: An application to the quantification of culture"
    • Glen Kreiner (University of Utah) will present "Exploring tensions in moral foundations: Insights from qualitative disability research"
    • Donald Lange (Arizona State University) will present "Combining archival data with field methods (e.g., surveys, interviews) to advance ethics theory: Examples from firm governance research"
    • Keith Leavitt (Oregon State University) will present "If it ain't broke, maybe break it anyway: Applying the logic of creative destruction to rapidly advance theory in behavioral ethics"
    • David Mayer (University of Michigan) will present "How different field methods (e.g., surveys, field experiments) assist in understanding the influence of organizational context on ethical decision making and behavior"
    • Michael Pfarrer (University of Georgia) will present "The value of content analysis in ethics scholarship: Examples from its application to understanding organizational reactions to wrongdoing"
    • Chen-Bo Zhong (University of Toronto) will present "Examining moral reasoning and judgment with longitudinal survey designs: A market exchange view"


    Following is the list of breakout rooms. Each attendee will be asked to rank order the breakout rooms and will be selected into two, and spend about 20 minutes in each.

    • Breakout room: Ethics within-person: The internal employee experience
      Hosted by Michael Baer (Arizona State University) and Marie Mitchell (University of Georgia)
    • Breakout room: Digging into ethics context from observation: Qualitative approaches
      Hosted by Glen Kreiner (University of Utah) and Linda Treviño (Pennsylvania State University)
    • Breakout room: Analyzing language for ethics contributions
      Hosted by Laura Fritsch (University of Oxford) and Michael Pfarrer (University of Georgia)
    • Breakout room: Survey research in the field
      Hosted by David Mayer (University of Michigan) and Chen-Bo Zhong (University of Toronto)
    • Breakout room: Historical contexts and perspectives
      Hosted by Jennifer Kish-Gephart (University of University of Massachussetts, Amherst) and Marshall Schminke(University of Central Florida)
    • Breakout room: Using archival and field data to advance ethics research
      Hosted by Jonathan Bundy (Arizona State University) and Donald Lange (Arizona State University)
    • Breakout room: Mixing things up! How mixed methods advances ethics theory
      Hosted by Ann Tenbrunsel (University of Notre Dame) and Elizabeth Umphress (University of Washington)
    • Breakout room: Asking good questions
      Hosted by Keith Leavitt (Oregon State University) and Scott Reynolds (University of Washington)


    Email with any questions.


    Organized by:

    Niki A. den Nieuwenboer (The University of Kansas)

    Marie S. Mitchell (The University of Georgia)

    Linda K. Treviño (The Pennsylvania State University)


    Niki Den Nieuwenboer
    The University of Kansas
    Lawrence KS