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PhD in Organizations and Social Change at UMass Boston

  • 1.  PhD in Organizations and Social Change at UMass Boston

    Posted 10-08-2022 15:11

    The University of Massachusetts Boston is currently inviting applications for its PhD in Business Administration, Organizations and Social Change (OSC) track for Fall 2023. The deadline is February 1, 2023 but we are evaluating applications on a rolling basis.


    The Organizations and Social Change PhD program has a strong reputation for its distinctive focus on the intersection of business and society, with implications for social justice and sustainability. Our PhD students come from varied backgrounds, with degrees in management, sociology, economics, and political science.

    We are seeking outstanding applicants who are interested in researching business and society interactions from a variety of theoretical perspectives to address topics such as:

    • How companies, communities, and industries are responding to sustainability challenges
    • New trends in the workplace relating to diversity, inequality, technologies and employee engagement
    • How social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations are striving for positive change and navigate the tensions between social and commercial goals
    • The role of arts and culture in social movements, regional economic development, and globalization
    • How new technologies and software platforms are transforming work patterns and identities


    Graduates of our program have published in highly regarded academic journals and found academic positions at institutions in North America and Europe. Some are working in the non-profit and consulting world. One recent graduate, now an Assistant Professor at the University of San Diego, studied how the City of Boston perceives and responds to the risks of climate change. Another, now an Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at Ohio State University, studies and teaches about how nonprofit organizations can serve as a mechanism for social change.


    Most successful applicants have a Master's degree. Prior research experience (e.g. data analysis, literature reviews, academic writing) is highly regarded. Support of $25,000 per year is available for up to four years for admitted students who remain in good standing.


    The PhD is designed as a FULL-TIME program that typically takes 4-6 years to complete. We invite you to continue to explore our the program, browse the faculty profiles and look at the Frequently Asked Questions. You can request more information and initiate your application from the tabs on our main program page. If you have specific questions, please contact the program director Professor David Levy



    David Levy
    Univ Of Mass-Boston
    Boston MA
    (617) 287-7860