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Join Us for the "Qualitative Research Methods for the Study of Conflict Management"

  • 1.  Join Us for the "Qualitative Research Methods for the Study of Conflict Management"

    Posted 07-18-2023 21:57

    Conflict Management Division Colleagues:

    Please consider attending our PDW.  You may register for the PDW here.

    This workshop, Saturday, August 5th, 4 - 7PM, convenes scholars utilizing and exploring qualitative approaches to the study of conflict and negotiations in organizations and workplace settings. Recent vigorous dialogue in management studies about the transparency, quality, and trustworthiness of qualitative methodologies and research approaches have prompted opportunities for qualitative researchers to make clear the value of rigorous qualitative methods in management research. Our PDW will provide opportunities for junior and senior management scholars to discuss successes and challenges with implementing qualitative research methods, as well as exchange best practices in qualitative, mixed methods and abductive approaches in conflict management research. 

    The session is organized in two parts. The first session will feature a panel of qualitative and mixed methods researchers who will discuss how they use (or have used) qualitative methods in current published and ensuing research projects, and highlight opportunities, challenges and insights they encounter in their use of qualitative methods in their research. The second session will offer an opportunity for junior and emerging scholars to workshop their ideas with peers and senior scholars during facilitated table dialogues.
    Our panelists are:
    Amanda Ferguson, Associate Professor of Management, Northern Illinois University
    Kimberly Rocheville, Assistant Professor of Management, Chreighton University
    Leigh Anne Liu, Professor of International Business, Georgia State University
    Randall Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behavior, London Business School
    Udayan Dhar, Assistant Professor of Leadership, Bucknell University
    We hope to see you there!!
    Estelle Archibold, TSAI Ming Hong & Laura Rees

    Estelle Archibold
    Post Doctorate Research Fellow
    Durham NC