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Professional coaching for working across cultural differences at work

  • 1.  Professional coaching for working across cultural differences at work

    Posted 12-21-2022 20:18

    Across industries, businesses and organizations are more focused than ever before on achieving the goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion. But we're not all starting from the same place, so one-size-fits-all DEI practices and procedures often fall short of their goals. More, the pressure of having cultural conversations at work can make it difficult to engage in the kind of personal reflection that makes for safe space to explore the vastness of our individual cultural perspectives.

    We are a Harvard trained team of PhDs and research-practitioners specialized in supporting adult learners working across cultural differences in multicultural organizations. We design personalized strategies for clients using our training and knowledge of the academic literatures related to these cultural competencies. Our content is also informed by extensive experience consulting to and teaching adult learners across a variety of organizational contexts, including non-profit organizations and universities.

    Visit our website or visit our free consultation booking page to learn more. 

    Tiffany Brown
    University of Connecticut
    New York NY