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Registration is open for the Sixth Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha and Networking PDW at the AOM Meeting in Seattle

  • 1.  Registration is open for the Sixth Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha and Networking PDW at the AOM Meeting in Seattle

    Posted 06-21-2022 00:18

    Registration is now open for the Sixth Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha Springboard and Networking Session. This year's theme is "From Past to Present: Classic Ideas and Contemporary Applications." The PDW consists of two parts. The first part will be hybrid (both in-person and online) but the second part will be in-person only. The session takes place on Saturday August 6, from 12:30PM to 3:00PM Seattle (Pacific) time, in Ballroom 6E at the Seattle Convention Center (online from 12:30 to around 2PM Pacific time). Only registered people can attend the session in-person or online, so please sign up through the survey link below. We will cap the in-person audience to 100 attendees. The deadline to register is July 15.

    The first part of the PDW consists of eight Pecha Kucha (timed 5-minute) presentations on a set of four foundational topics that have profoundly impacted and shaped the field of behavioral ethics. For each topic, a "classic scholar" will do a presentation on how they came to study or develop this concept. A companion presentation by a "contemporary scholar" will focus on how they are drawing on this topic and are developing it further in their current research. This year's Pecha Kucha topics and presenters are: 

    Topic: Ethical leadership
    Classic scholar: Mike E. Brown (Pennsylvania State University-Behrend)
    Contemporary scholar: Ryan Fehr (University of Washington)

    Topic: Modeling ethical decision making
    Classic scholar: Thomas M. Jones (University of Washington) on Moral Intensity
    Contemporary scholar: Celia Moore (Imperial College) on Approach/ Ability/Aftermath

    Topic: Framing
    Classic scholar: Ann E. Tenbrunsel (University of Notre Dame)
    Contemporary scholar: Ting Zhang (Harvard University)

    Topic: Voice
    Classic scholar: Elizabeth Morrison (New York University) on Voice
    Contemporary scholar: Anjier Chen (National University of Singapore) on Ethical Voice

    Only in-person attendees can attend the second, roundtable discussion, part of the PDW. For this part of the PDW, attendees are invited to select two roundtables to participate in through the survey link below. During the session, attendees can spend around 20 minutes at each roundtable to discuss their research ideas, questions, and to network. We will have four roundtables with the above named topics hosted by the experts who just presented, with the following exceptions: Linda Treviño will replace Ryan Fehr for the table on ethical leadership, and Marie Mitchell will join the table on Modeling ethical decision making. We will also have the four tables listed below: 

    Topic: The normalization of corruption. Hosted by 
    Blake E. Ashforth (Arizona State University), and Niki A. den Nieuwenboer (The University of Kansas)

    Topic: Moral trade-offs. Hosted by 
    Emma Levine (University of Chicago), and Floor Rink (University of Groningen)

    Topic: The ethics/technology interface. Hosted by 
    Lily Morse (West Virginia University), and Sam Yam (National University of Singapore)

    Topic: Ethics in publishing. Hosted by 
    Katy DeCelles (University of Toronto, Deputy Editor Academy of Management Journal), and Elizabeth Umphress (University of Washington,  Associate Editor Academy of Management Journal)

    Both online and in-person attendees are asked to register through the below link:

    We will cap the number of in-person attendees at 100, while the number of online attendees is unlimited.

    We hope to see you there! For questions, please feel free to email

    Session organizers:
    Niki A. den Nieuwenboer (The University of Kansas)
    Marie S. Mitchell (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    Linda K. Treviño (The Pennsylvania State University)

    Niki Den Nieuwenboer
    The University of Kansas
    Lawrence KS