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Reminder: MISQ Scholarly Development Academy

  • 1.  Reminder: MISQ Scholarly Development Academy

    Posted 12-20-2021 02:28

    * Reminder, Applications Due Dec 20, for the MISQ Scholarly Development Academy


    We enthusiastically call for applications for our inaugural MIS Quarterly Scholarly Development Academy, to be held in 2022.  Please submit today/tomorrow if you are interested. 


    As outlined in our MISQ Sept 2021 Editor's Comments, we were motivated by the inequities in science magnified by COVID-19 to offer a Scholarly Development Academy to support under-served scholars in our field.  Our goal is to help scholars in these groups to renew and strengthen their passion for scholarship during a difficult time.  


    The first cohort of the Scholarly Development Academy will focus on post-PhD, untenured female academics; the second will focus on scholars in the Global South. 


    For further details, including how to apply and who will serve as mentors, please see:  


    The dates are as follows:

    -        Dec 20, 2021:  Applications due 

    -        Jan 30, 2022:  Selected applicants will be informed

    -        Feb 24/25, 2022:  First session - Plenary and get to know each other; story-telling and cohort-building

    -        March 7/8, 2022:  Second session - Paper development workshop; mentors comment on short summaries of papers

    -        Oct 7/8, 2022:  Third and final session - Career development workshop; mentors share career advice with mentees


    The Academy will be held online, via Zoom.  Sessions will be offered at two times during the day (with roughly half the mentors and mentees in each one) to support time-zone differences.  The exact dates/times of day of the three sessions will be finalized in the coming weeks – please check the URL above for updates. 


    We hope this initiative will be a great help to the field.  If you are interested, sign up! 


    Andrew Burton-Jones

    Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly


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