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* MISQ Virtual Author Development Workshop *

  • 1.  * MISQ Virtual Author Development Workshop *

    Posted 03-14-2022 08:07

    MIS Quarterly Virtual Author Development Workshop 


    MIS Quarterly will hold a virtual author development workshop on 18 and 25 June, 2022.  


    The workshop will provide authors with (1) feedback from MISQ Senior Editors and Associate Editors on potential submissions to MISQ and (2) the opportunity to discuss with editors and other authors how to develop papers for submission and resubmission to MISQ or elsewhere. 


    Due to the disruption to face-to-face conferences caused by the pandemic, the workshop will be held in a virtual format.  


    The workshop will be offered in two time slots to accommodate for time differences:


    1. Saturday [June 18, 2022], 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Central European Time) / 2:00 - 6:00 PM Beijing time (this timeframe is likely to work for AIS Regions 2 & 3)
    2. Saturday [June 25, 2022], 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) (this timeframe is likely to work for AIS Region 1)


    Each of the workshop time slots has a limited capacity of 30 authors.  


    The workshop will include:

    1. Roundtable discussion led by editors on authors' submissions to the workshop.
    2. Editors' panel discussion on developing papers for initial submission to MISQ. 
    3. Editors' panel discussion on revising papers for MISQ.


    There is no registration fee.


    In our experience, the workshop not only gives helpful insights for improving authors' papers, but also gives helpful insights into the culture and policies of the journal. This can be particularly helpful for new authors.


    Please note that your papers will be judged for their potential for development from our editors. Please understand that spaces are limited and we may be unable to accept all papers. Thank you!


    Important Dates 

    March 14, 2022                                 Submissions Open

    May 10, 2022                                      Submissions Closed

    May 21, 2022                                      Authors Receive Notifications

    June 4, 2022                                        Peer Reviews Due 

    June 18/25, 2022                             Workshop Dates


    Submission Instructions

    1. Authors are to submit a single PDF file that includes (a) their paper, which should be no more than 30 pages total length (double-spaced 12-point font; including references, tables, and figures), and (b) an optional one-page description of specific issue(s) on which they would like feedback at the workshop (to be inserted before the paper). Submissions exceeding the stipulated page length would be automatically rejected.
    2. Authors whose submissions have been accepted for the workshop are also required to submit peer reviews for other papers assigned to the same table.
    3. Applications to the workshop can be submitted via this link (by May 10):


    Kind regards, and stay safe and well.  

    Andrew Burton-Jones                                                   

    Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly                                   


    Shuk Ying (Susanna) Ho and Chee-Wee Tan

    Senior Editors, MIS Quarterly, and Workshop Coordinators


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