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Call for Papers: AMCIS (2022) Minitrack on Service Innovation in Data-Ecosystems

  • 1.  Call for Papers: AMCIS (2022) Minitrack on Service Innovation in Data-Ecosystems

    Posted 5 days ago
    AMCIS (2022) Minitrack - Service Innovation in Data-Ecosystems
    [part of the Track on DataEcoSys Data Ecosystem in Information System]

    The emergence of data-ecosystems and the associated wide accessibility of data open great opportunities for service providers. When barriers to data-sharing crumble, data-driven services are increasingly becoming important. With the rising use and establishment of artificial intelligence as well as big data we experience a shift in services and their ecosystems. Examples for such are smart services integrating data from physical assets or services in the context of industry 4.0. New approaches and concepts are necessary to better handle data-driven service ecosystems.

    To foster a better understanding of the intersection of data-ecosystems and service innovation, we are looking for papers that deal with the conceptual basics (e.g., taxonomies), design aspects (e.g., design rules), and organizational aspects (e.g., outsourcing, coordination). Additionally, we seek papers that critically open discussions about the changing environment of data-driven service ecosystems by suggesting avenues for future research or by presenting empirical and/or experimental study results. We aim to bring together expertise from different industries to foster the transfer of insights.

    Among others, the minitrack would consider papers focusing on topics such as:

    • Role of artificial intelligence, big data, and other intelligent tools in service innovation
    • Conceptualization of data-ecosystems and service innovation
    • Designing data-driven service innovation, business models, and ecosystems
    • Challenges and possibilities in organizing data-ecosystems
    • Empirical results about the effectiveness of data-ecosystems
    • Role of data science in service innovation and business transformations
    • Data-ecosystems in the context of Industry 4.0
    • Management, transformation, and operation of complex data-ecosystems driven by service innovation
    • Coordination dynamics between analytics service providers and clients
    • Industry-specific themes:
    • Open banking and productization of data in FinTech
    • Healthcare and data-driven innovations
    • Data-driven service systems in Manufacturing


    Paper submission deadline: 1 March 2022

    Review decision: 15 April 2022

    Revision deadline: 25 April 2022

    Final notification: 9 May 2022

    Conference date: 10-15 August 2022


    Christian Koldewey,

    Sofia Schöbel,

    Mayur P. Joshi,

    Roman Dumitrescu,

    More information here:

    Mayur Joshi
    Assistant Professor
    Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, UK