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Widening the divide through digital health innovation? | Invitation to AOM PDW "Towards Health Futures"

  • 1.  Widening the divide through digital health innovation? | Invitation to AOM PDW "Towards Health Futures"

    Posted 04-04-2022 09:36
    Dear colleagues,
    Sirkka Jarvenpaa, Virpi Tuunainen, and I are very happy to invite you to this year's professional development workshop (PDW) "Towards Health Futures: Widening the divide through digital health innovation?" to be held at the Annual Meeting of the AOM in Seattle (Aug 5-9). 
    We are looking forward to receiving your extended abstracts (2-5 pages) on the topic until July 15, 2022. Visit for more information on the PDW.
    The PDW includes an introductory panel session with renowned scholars Andrew Burton-Jones, Ritu Agarwal, Eivor Oborn, Ilias Pappas, and Youngjin Yoo who share their views on the role of digital innovations "Towards Health Futures". 
    In order to help pushing studies from submitting authors forward, we host roundtable sessions with experienced commentators, including Aaron Baird, Anna Essén, Michelle Carter, Panos Constantinides, Brian Pentland, Xenia Vassilakopoulou, and Lauri Wessel. We aim for a highly interactive and engaging workshop.

    Background on the PDW:
    We examine accessibility to digital innovation in Healthcare, i.e., access to the digital innovation process and access to digital innovation as health services. While many have seen the healthcare industry struggle, digital technologies are constantly evolving and finding new applications in healthcare. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, we have seen an increasing pace in which digital innovations have emerged. At the same time, the pandemic has also revealed tremendous disparities in access to innovations for different groups within and between our societies. To this point, there seems to be no equal access to the innovation processes, the new products and services, or the fruits of these digital innovations. This is in so far surprising as digital technologies carry the potential to raise accessibility by reducing transaction costs and enabling decentral decision making. In order to produce digital innovations for a more inclusive healthcare, diverse participants including private sector actors are needed to invest and share data in common infrastructures and engage in joint service delivery. We invite scholars to reflect on the entrepreneurial efforts and environments needed for these Health Futures. [...]

    Together my co-chairs and I are looking forward to your submissions,
    Hannes Rothe

    Hannes Rothe
    Associate Professor
    ICN Business School