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* MISQ Awards - Including a major new award.. ! *

  • 1.  * MISQ Awards - Including a major new award.. ! *

    Posted 12-12-2021 09:46

    * MIS Quarterly Awards *


    I am delighted to announce the following awards from MIS Quarterly for outstanding reviewers, associate editors, and papers, including a major new award..!


    Reviewer of the Year


    Exceptional reviewing lies at the heart of everything we do at MISQ.  My congratulations to these three wonderful reviewers:


    Xitong Li, HEC Paris

    Robert Gregory, University of Miami

    Weiyin Hong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology   



    Outstanding Associate Editors


    This is always our most difficult award to adjudicate, because we have so many incredible AEs!  Nevertheless, we take this opportunity to recognize the truly outstanding work of the following editors:


    Xiao Fang, University of Delaware

    Min-Seok Pang, Temple University

    Ali Tafti, University of Illinois Chicago



    Paper of the Year


    Kitchens, B., Johnson, S. L., & Gray, P. (2020). Understanding Echo Chambers and Filter Bubbles: The Impact of Social Media on Diversification and Partisan Shifts in News Consumption. MIS Quarterly, 44(4), 1619-1649.


    Congratulations to Brent Kitchens, Steven Johnson, and Peter Gray, all of the University of Virginia, for their outstanding paper!


    * Notably, Kitchens et al. were also well-deserved winners of a major award from the Responsible Research in Business and Management Network for this paper earlier in the year (see:



    New Award – The MISQ Impact Award


    This award honors the paper published a decade earlier that the selection committee deems to have had:

    • The most significant and sustained scholarly impact, as shown by citations, by how it led to a change in thinking in the field, and by its prescience in identifying an important issue today
    • A real or potential impact beyond academia, especially through how it influences the way our field engages in an important real-world domain


    2021 marks the inaugural offering of the award.  The award will be offered each year with a sliding 3-yr window a decade prior (i.e., for this year, 2010-2012). 


    Selection Committee:

    Current and prior two EICs: Andrew Burton-Jones, Arun Rai, Paulo Goes

    MISQ Policy Council Nominees: Virpi Tuunainen, Galit Shmueli


    And … the award goes to:


    Smith, H.J., Dinev, T. and Xu, H. (2011) "Information Privacy Research: an Interdisciplinary Review" MIS Quarterly, (35:4) pp. 989-1015.


    This landmark paper has inspired a generation of privacy researchers and continues to offer new insights and challenges.  It is only becoming more important over time as digital environments become more pervasive.      


    Congratulations to Tamara Dinev (Florida Atlantic University) and Heng Xu (American University) for their outstanding achievement!  (We are certain that Jeff Smith is proudly congratulating his colleagues on this award too – he was such a thoughtful and inspiring scholar and person, and his work still moves us today). 



    Andrew Burton-Jones

    Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly


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