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    Posted 08-29-2022 13:36
    I hope folks might have some suggestions for me. I have been asked to propose some possible 2-hour session descriptions on environmental sustainability for business students about to go on overseas study trips to various countries. The working assumption is that they have had no prior curriculum exposure to ssblty. I figure the Fishbanks exercise (with Hardin, Ostrom, etc readings) is one possibility, but i'm hoping you might have other suggestions. 
    Paul Adler
    Univ of Southern California

    Paul Adler
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles CA

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    Posted 08-30-2022 07:57

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    Posted 08-30-2022 22:25
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    Hi Paul,

    Great to hear this is being asked for. Two resources come to mind:
    1. Ranson, H., & Bond, R. (2022). Business School Lesson Plans for the Sustainable Development Goals. Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation.
    2. Montiel, I., Gallo, P. J., & Antolín-López, R. (2020). What on Earth Should Managers Learn About Corporate Sustainability? A Threshold Concept Approach. Journal of Business Ethics, 162(4), 857–880.

    On #1, I would start with the lesson plans for the SDGs that most directly address environmental sustainability topics: 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, and 15. I'm unsure each SDG alone could produce a 2-hour lesson, but perhaps combining several could do so.

    Nicholas Poggioli (poe-JOE-lee) (he/him)
    Assistant Professor of Management
    Appalachian State University Walker College of Business
    Email: | Phone: 828-262-8122

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    Posted 09-05-2022 13:18

    for example each chapter contains three fully developed sessions (45-60 minutes) linking the different disiciplines such as Marketing etc. to the SDGs but there are also chapters and sessions on systems thinking and corporate peacemaking....and ideas for longer units....

    Professor Petra Molthan-Hill PhD, MBA, MDiv, PFHEA

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    Posted 08-31-2022 11:11
    Hi Paul,
    Hope you had a look at the teaching tab on the ONE Division website. We've been adding teaching resources there. 
    Hope it helps.
    Stuart Allen

    Stuart Allen
    Robert Morris University
    Moon Township PA