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ASQ Blog Virtual Reception: Virtual Chat with the ASQ Methods Advisory Panel

  • 1.  ASQ Blog Virtual Reception: Virtual Chat with the ASQ Methods Advisory Panel

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    Dear friends and contributors to the ASQ Blog,

    We are inviting you to join us for our third ASQ Blog Virtual Reception on May 10th @ 11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT / 7 pm BST, this time for a Virtual Chat with the ASQ Methods Advisory Panel. This reception is aimed at engaging members of the panel in a conversation on the craft of research, with a focus on the perils and pitfalls of popular methodological approaches. This is in line with the ASQ Student Blog's broader mission: a student-run organization supported by the Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ) Editorial Board which has provided a behind-the-scenes look at articles published in the journal.


    Beth Bechky (New York University) – methods advisory panel member
    Sameer Srivastava (University of California, Berkeley) – methods advisory panel member
    Olav Sorenson (UCLA) – methods advisory panel member
    Caroline Bartel (University of Texas, Austin) – discussant

    Registration is required to attend the event. If you are interested in joining the event, please register following this form (

    For those who are new to our blog, you can subscribe to our blog site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@ASQBlog)! Our podcasts are available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify. 

    We look forward to seeing you at our third virtual reception! 

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