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Reminder: Register NOW for AOM IM Division Research Webinar, "Editors' Panel : Data in International Business Research – Sources, Validation and Transparency"

  • 1.  Reminder: Register NOW for AOM IM Division Research Webinar, "Editors' Panel : Data in International Business Research – Sources, Validation and Transparency"

    Posted 09-27-2020 00:39

    Academy of management

    International Management (IM) Division Research Webinar

    Editors' Panel: Data in International Business Research – Sources, Validation and Transparency

    10:00 – 11:30 am (Eastern Time), October 2, 2020







    Brian Connelly (Auburn University) – Journal of Management, Editor-in-Chief

    Ilya Cuypers (Singapore Management University) – Academy of Management Journal, Associate Editor

    Aseem Kaul (University of Minnesota) – Strategic Management Journal, Associate Editor

    Klaus Meyer (Western University) – Journal of International Business Studies, Area Editor


    Organized by IM Division Online Research Resources Committee

    Sali Li, University of South Carolina (Chair)

    Liang Chen, University of Melbourne

    Noman Shaheer, University of Sydney

    Maximilian Stallkamp, Virginia Tech


    This is the first of a series of Research Webinars the AOM IM Division organizes.

    Recent changes in the international business landscape, such as the rise of the digital economy, nationalistic sentiments across the world, and global pandemics, present researchers with a large set of new questions. Understanding these issues will require new sources of data, beyond well-known databases such as SDC or Compustat. Fortunately, there are new opportunities to build new datasets. For instance, scholars can now use modern programming techniques to gather unstructured data from websites. Several new datasets on a variety of topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and emerging economy firms are also becoming available. While these new data sources are critical for advancing research, they also raise concerns. There is little agreement on the criteria for assessing the reliability and validity of new data sources. The increasing use of proprietary datasets also raises challenges with respect to the transparency and replicability of empirical research, as well as inequality of opportunities among research institutes with different resource endowments. The use of the same datasets in multiple papers to investigate different research questions is another contested debate.


    This forum is an attempt to look deeper into these important questions about data sources, data validation, and transparency in the domain of international management/business and global strategy. Let's hear from the editors of the field's leading journals! Such a dialogue will be particularly beneficial for PhD students and early-career researchers, as many of them aim at building novel datasets but need guidance in finding the right data sources, assessing their validity for research, and effectively analyzing them in producing high-quality research. The Webinar will begin with a panel discussion, followed by a moderated Q&A for which we invite attendees to share questions of interest.


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    Chei Hwee CHUA

    Communications Committee Chair

    International Management Division

    Academy of Management