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Remembering Gordon B. Davis

  • 1.  Remembering Gordon B. Davis

    Posted 05-06-2022 22:54

    Dear Colleagues 

     I heard the news today that Gordon Davis passed away  There will be many notes from across our discipline with memories of his leadership.  I am just sending this note on behalf of the MISQ Editorial Board to say how much we celebrate his memory as a founder of our field and our journal.  His servant leadership over many decades continues to inspire us.  It is hard to imagine now that our field did not always have institutions like MISQ, AIS, and ICIS.  We are all beneficiaries of his intellect, vision, global outlook, and kindness.

    For those who have not read it previously, a thoughtful editorial on Gordon's role in our field and his leadership is available here:


    All our best wishes to his family and friends.


    Andrew Burton-Jones

    Professor of Business Information Systems
    UQ Business School
    The University of Queensland
    Editor-in-Chief, MIS Quarterly

    Andrew Burton-Jones
    University of Queensland
    Brisbane QLD
    (604) 827-3260