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  • AOM this year was definitely not what we all initially anticipated. However, just as many of our habits and routines have had to change over the past few months, how we attend conferences has also changed. My friends and colleagues never tire of telling ...

  • When AOM announced that the Vancouver meetings would be canceled and the conference would move online, I started thinking about all the things I would miss. But I also began thinking about some of the possible advantages. Maybe having everything ...

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  • As we continue to shift everything online, life is slowly turning into a video game. And with a virtual AOM right around the corner, what better thing to do than to pass along a few cheat codes. You know, remember when hitting Up-Down-Up-Down-Right-Right-Down ...

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  • Job market recap: With the AOM virtual conference around the corner, catch the important highlights and takeaways of Thursdays with OMT in the latest OMT Blog post by Mariam Siddiqui. Mariam Siddiqui PhD Candidate in Management ...

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  • OMT Online Meetups are an initiative launched recently by the OMT Executive Committee to help PhD students and junior scholars talk with and get advice from more senior scholars. Here’s a faculty perspective about the meetups from Robert Eberhart: ...

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