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Our mission is to foster inter-connectivity and create linkages that allow us to develop meaningful new frameworks for investigating and practicing leadership. Our aspirations are to:

1. Break down silos among the various approaches and disciplines in the study of leadership

2. Create research partnerships among scholars and practitioners around the world to propel the advancement of significant new knowledge

The Network of Leadership Scholars helps the Academy better meet the needs of its constituents of scholars and practitioners. Leadership represents a powerful social concern relative to business and nonprofit organizations, as well as to government, political, and economic issues. As a community of scholars we can bring visibility to key issues of the day, including recent world events on business and political fronts (e.g., ethical leadership, sustainability, corporate governance, public policy, the military, education, etc.).

Current Activities:
  • LDRNET on Connect@AOM: Maintain your connectivity! The LDRNET listserv has moved to Connect@AOM. Join us by clicking the Join Community button above.
  • Awards: We continue to organize a dissertation and late stage career awards. We are adding an early career award this year!  Check our library entries.
  • AOM 2019: We are planning some exciting events for leadership scholars. Session information is available in the library.
  • Social Media: We are re-launching our social media presence. Come check us out on Twitter!