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#Gender and Diversity in Organizations
#Gender and Diversity in Organizations
#Technology and Innovation Management

Blog Posts

  • When equity crowdfunding becomes more than a last resort for entrepreneurs By @Tobias Pret and @Aviel Cogan   Raising capital is a challenging process for most entrepreneurs, leading some to pursue equity crowdfunding. While it has been regarded ...

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  • A paradigm shift in our field: Platform-dependent entrepreneurship (posted on behalf of @Andrew Nixon , 2021 PhD Representative) The following is an excerpt of my interview with Dr. @Donato Cutolo and Dr. @Martin Kenney . Donato is a Post-doctoral ...

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help with Literature Reviews posted on behalf of @Aviel Cogan and @Tobias Pret   Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are hot topics. Entrepreneurs, politicians, and scholars ...

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  • Returning to work from maternity leave in SMEs Posted on behalf of @Tobias Pret and @Aviel Cogan   Managing people is a crucial activity that most entrepreneurs engage in on an everyday basis. Yet, entrepreneurship research has paid surprisingly ...

  • Life Moves Pretty Fast… Remembering AOM 2021 and Preparing for AOM 2022 Posted on behalf of @Ashley Roccapriore , 2020 PhD Representative and @Andrew Nixon , 2021 PhD Representative   “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around ...