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#Gender and Diversity in Organizations
#Gender and Diversity in Organizations
#Technology and Innovation Management

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  • Dear colleagues, Please allow us to draw your attention to the Call for Abstracts for the Doctoral Consortium at 9th Israel Strategy Conference , Reichman University, Herzliya, Israel 18 December 2022 ( http://www.isc.org.il/ ) . ...

  • Dear colleague, As we received many requests, we are extending the deadline for submitting your Abstracts/Papers for the 9th Israel Strategy Conference . The new Submission Deadline is July 30, 2022 , at: http://www.isc.org.il/ ...

  • (posted on behalf of @Andrew Nixon , PhD Student Representative & GPT-3, OpenAI) ​ I spend a good amount of time on Twitter and my feed has recently been captivated by weird AI-generated images from DALL-E mini by Hugging Face . It’s an open-source ...

  • (posted on behalf of @Aviel Cogan and @Tobias Pret ) It is widely acknowledged that we are experiencing a “replication crisis.” As research results are often difficult or impossible to replicate, the credibility of scientific work has been questioned. ...

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  • (posted on behalf of @Andrew Nixon , PhD Representative) ​ Okay, I’ll admit it, if I have a bent in this blog series, it has been to highlight the shift in policy towards a more progressive version of antitrust enforcement (or competition policy ...