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#Gender and Diversity in Organizations
#Gender and Diversity in Organizations
#Technology and Innovation Management

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  • (posted on behalf of @Andrew Nixon , PhD Representative) ​ Okay, I’ll admit it, if I have a bent in this blog series, it has been to highlight the shift in policy towards a more progressive version of antitrust enforcement (or competition policy ...

  • (posted on behalf of @Tobias Pret and @Aviel Cogan ) ​ Entrepreneurs who operate in nascent markets are often faced with a lack of support. One way to arouse interest in and enthusiasm for a new venture within those markets is to pitch the idea ...

  • (posted on behalf of Sean Wise) ​ Scholar: Associate Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University) Chair of the ...

  • Translating knowledge (posted on behalf of @Andrew Nixon , PhD Representative) In my interview with Donato Cutolo and Professor Martin Kenney ( read it here ), we kept returning to the role of antitrust regulation in improving the competition ...

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  • The dark side of entrepreneurship (posted on behalf of @Aviel Cogan and @Tobias Pret ) Entrepreneurship is usually associated with the creation of economic and social wealth, but it can also have negative effects, such as the pollution of ...

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