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  • Research Highlights: Do Founding Teams Experience Shared Passion? (Posted on behalf of Tobias Pret)  Most entrepreneurs are passionate about their ventures. Accordingly, a growing body of research explores the effects of entrepreneurial passion ...

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  • 2019 Elections

    (Posted on behalf of By Donald O. Neubaum, Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division)  As Division Chair, I have the honor of working with the Entrepreneurship Nomination Committee to oversee the ENT ... More
  • Thank you, Reviewers!

    (Posted on behalf of Peter Klein, Program Chair) Putting together the Annual Meeting program would be impossible without the contributions of our excellent reviewers. This year we received 976 paper ... More

    (By Christina Guenther, Past Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division & Chair of the ENT Nominations Committee) As the immediate Past Division Chair, I have the honor to work with the ENT Nomination Committee ... More
  • Reminder – Call for reviewers

    (By Peter Klein)  Please sign up to review ENT proposals for the 2019 Academy of Management Annual Meeting! The success of the program depends on the active involvement of ENT Division members in reviewing ... More